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  • A theme that students continuously talk to me about is their an accent

  • They ask me: "Is my accent good?"

  • Do i have a strong accent?

  • Do I sound native?

  • these aren't correct questions to ask

  • in fact these questions aren't important

  • what is important

  • is the ability to communicate

  • afterall, that is language

  • communication

  • Look at Antonio Banderas for example

  • In a county festival

  • I was there with a very important movie. He called me right after the production and said, "We have an interview

  • Antonio Banderas from Malaga, Spain

  • may have a strong accent but he can communicate effectively

  • but this interview from jack black

  • This movie is called

  • King Kong

  • How do you say in Spanish "King Kong".

  • It is nearly impossible to lose your accent

  • the objective of working on your accent shouldn't be to sound native

  • but she's not speak with your mother tongues' accent in english

  • many celebrities have strong accents yes

  • but this makes them more unique

  • and amplifies interest in the individual for example

  • the scientist Eduard Punset. He has a strong accent

  • although the

  • uh... by you

  • I mean

  • thirty years ago nobody gave a damn for emotion

  • Francois de La Rochefoucauld said that the accent of a man's native country

  • remains in his mind and his heart

  • as it does in his speech

  • accents are something that should be celebrated and honored

  • yes there are some people who have no accent

  • but this is because they have acquired the accent

  • naturally

  • this happens

  • primarily at young

  • just look at Mila Kunis

  • will stay in that plus

  • Fantastic, and now we're being told that the wrapping things up. Thank you, Jason, so much.

  • really, thank you. You've been just a joy.

  • She was born in Ukraine and moved to the united states

  • when she was seven.

  • Older learners can't acquire an accent

  • naturally, through acquisition. But, instead

  • learn the language

  • which is quite different

  • Christoph Waltz

  • Jamie got

  • really good with the gun, really good.

  • I mean, he can twirl it any which way and land it in his holster, and you'll have no idea how he did it.

  • He acted in the movie Django Unchained and still has a German accent.

  • Yes, it's subtle

  • but it will always be there

  • What's your name? Django

  • Then you're exactly the one I'm looking for.

  • The point is, do not struggle with trying to sound native

  • Your goal, with accents, is to take away your own language's accent

  • never be upset with your accent

  • even if yours is strong

  • just remember

  • if you travel 40 kilometers away from your hometown

  • you will find a different accent

  • Let me know your comments or opinions below.

A theme that students continuously talk to me about is their an accent

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