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A theme that students continuously talk to me about is their an accent
They ask me: "Is my accent good?"
Do i have a strong accent?
Do I sound native?
these aren't correct questions to ask
in fact these questions aren't important
what is important
is the ability to communicate
afterall, that is language
Look at Antonio Banderas for example
In a county festival
I was there with a very important movie. He called me right after the production and said, "We have an interview
Antonio Banderas from Malaga, Spain
may have a strong accent but he can communicate effectively
but this interview from jack black
This movie is called
King Kong
How do you say in Spanish "King Kong".
It is nearly impossible to lose your accent
the objective of working on your accent shouldn't be to sound native
but she's not speak with your mother tongues' accent in english
many celebrities have strong accents yes
but this makes them more unique
and amplifies interest in the individual for example
the scientist Eduard Punset. He has a strong accent
although the
uh... by you
I mean
thirty years ago nobody gave a damn for emotion
Francois de La Rochefoucauld said that the accent of a man's native country
remains in his mind and his heart
as it does in his speech
accents are something that should be celebrated and honored
yes there are some people who have no accent
but this is because they have acquired the accent
this happens
primarily at young
just look at Mila Kunis
will stay in that plus
Fantastic, and now we're being told that the wrapping things up. Thank you, Jason, so much.
really, thank you. You've been just a joy.
She was born in Ukraine and moved to the united states
when she was seven.
Older learners can't acquire an accent
naturally, through acquisition. But, instead
learn the language
which is quite different
Christoph Waltz
Jamie got
really good with the gun, really good.
I mean, he can twirl it any which way and land it in his holster, and you'll have no idea how he did it.
He acted in the movie Django Unchained and still has a German accent.
Yes, it's subtle
but it will always be there
What's your name? Django
Then you're exactly the one I'm looking for.
The point is, do not struggle with trying to sound native
Your goal, with accents, is to take away your own language's accent
never be upset with your accent
even if yours is strong
just remember
if you travel 40 kilometers away from your hometown
you will find a different accent
Let me know your comments or opinions below.
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Improve Your Accent in English

5766 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on September 3, 2013
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