B2 High-Intermediate US 34 Folder Collection
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- No, I didn't.
Yes you did!
I-- I did not!
What is going on?
Mr. Frond stole my yogurt.
Look, this is his trash can.
Gasp, right?
I did not eat that yogurt.
It's a crime of passion fruit.
Sounds like you need a lawyer.
Hey, let's try this in student court.
We've already got a judge.
Oh, I mean we were going to try
the three little pigs tomorrow.
I'm fine taking this to student court.
Let the whole school see that Mr.
Frond is a dirty yogurt thief.
I am not a thief!
I'd be happy to take this to student court.
Well, I'd preside over this case.
Maybe the fairytale trials are too predictable.
You think?
Let's see what they can do with a real case.
Well, if everyone's on board, I guess
we can try this one tomorrow.
We won't need reenactors, so Jimmy Jr., Tammy,
and Jocelyn can join the jury.
Jimmy Jr. on the jury?
Jimmy Jury?
I know who I want to get sequestered with.
He's my sequestiny.
What happens when you find Frond guilty?
Does the school have the death penalty?
How about if the jury finds him guilty,
he has to wear a sign all day that says
I'm a disgusting yogurt thief.
Ha, yes!
And if he's found innocent, then you
have to wear a sign all day that reads I'm a filthy liar mouth.
Tammy and I will make the signs.
It's going to be so fun.
Jocelyn, will you please make my sign for me?
- OK. - Thank you.
So we'll keep Zeke as the bailiff.
Gene you'll be prosecuting.
And Louis, since you were finally
making some progress as a defender,
you get to defend Mr Frond. - Oh no!
BOTH: No, no!
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The Teachers Decide To Settle Their Dispute In School Court | Season 7 Ep. 11 | BOB'S BURGERS

34 Folder Collection
Jin Wang published on February 23, 2018
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