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Have you ever been in an elevator only to realize you have nothing to say when your boss steps in?
Before you hyperventilate even thinking about it,
take into consideration these tips to become more conversational.
Most opportunities spark from conversation.
It's a free investment. You'll be recognized for taking the time to chat with that person.
And a study from the University of Michigan showed that social interactions boost
problem-solving skills by forcing you to read people's minds and take their perspective.
First look for someone approachable.
Start with a smile and introduction.
This puts everyone at ease.
Communications expert Carol Fleming says to remember the acronym ARE.
Find something you have in common.
This can be something you've experienced or something you're both experiencing in that moment.
Say something about yourself that relates to your anchor topic creating trust and providing something for them to respond to.
This is your time to ask a question pumping them to respond.
Keep your questions open-ended.
This allows for a more in-depth conversation.
If you're stumped for a topic, stick to easy ones like their job, hobbies, and family.
But always remember: stay away from controversial topics like politics.
A compliment works well too.
Just be sure to transition the conversation afterward.
Some people don't know how to handle them.
Using the person's name in conversation will also yield good results.
People appreciate the special attention.
And remember to listen.
People love to talk about themselves.
Restate what you hear to show you are listening.
Now is not the time to be shy.
Get in that elevator.
Smile and make small talk.
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How To Make Small Talk

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Stephanie published on September 8, 2018    Stephanie translated    Evangeline reviewed
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