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Hey, Jamie.
How are you doing?
I'm good.
How are you?
I'm great, thanks.
The last time you were here, you were in a compromising position
I put you in.
You remember that?
You got pretty frisky.
That there.
Is that how you do it, with Scotch tape?
I don't know.
I mean, I think you kind of just freestyle,
do whatever you want.
Oh, really?
Do you still have those boobs?
I do.
Yeah, that's good.
Oh, those boobs.
Those boobs over there.
No, I don't have those.
I just have these now.
I forgot that I put those in your face.
What do people act like around--
I mean, you've done other movies and other things.
But people really know you from this now.
Do fans get kind of freaky with you?
I get a lot of fans talking to me as if I am Christian Grey.
So I'll have a lot of that sort of thing.
I'll be in a line at Starbucks or something.
And someone will be like, oh, Mr. Grey.
And I'm literally holding one of my children.
And I'll be like--
they're so confused--
--why they're calling me that.
I get a lot of that sort of thing,
and saying very specific things from the books or the movies,
like some sort of Red Room reference.
I just-- I panic.
I just don't know how to respond to it.
Because I'm not, like, him, obviously.
So I'm always just, like, laughs, sort of panicking.
And I think they probably think I'm just really weird, which
I'm fine with.
You were so good in The Fall.
Have you seen The Fall?
Did you watch him in that?
If you haven't seen The Fall, it's so good.
And I'm sorry that it's over.
Yeah, so am I.
Could it possibly come back?
Or no.
I don't think so.
You're on the run.
So these movies come out usually,
like, Valentine's Day--
--around there.
I would think that that's hard for you to come home
when your wife sees you being that guy
and you've got to live up to that.
I mean, I guess--
I like to think she's more in love with me--
I bet she is.
--than that guy.
And I know she hasn't seen the movies or anything.
So I guess that she doesn't really--
She hasn't seen-- she hasn't seen them?
No, no, no, no.
Doesn't want to see them.
Or you don't want her to see them.
I don't want to pay for a ticket for her to--
You know.
So last night--
I have homework.
I have to watch movies when I have a guest on the show.
I need to see them so I know what I'm talking about.
So last night, I had to watch two movies.
And so I started with yours.
Portia was going to be home late.
So I'm by myself in the media room.
And I'm watching the movie.
And for whatever reason, my chef was the only other person
in the house.
And that's when he decided to walk into the room to--
and it looks like I'm just watching porn.
I'm on the sofa, leaned back, watching this--
and it was the scene that I did not want him to walk in on.
And I didn't say anything.
And he just walked right back out.
I was like-- so it just looked like-- because he didn't
know I was watching your movie.
It was just a scene of you handcuffing her.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And-- oh, man.
Anyway, it's very good.
He's going to want to watch it now.
He or she is going to want to--
He's-- I-- hopefully, I'll talk to him about that and say
but, so, explain-- it's very-- it's a thriller now.
It's like, things happen.
I think the third one feels like a different kind of genre
Obviously, there's still sex in it.
Lot of sex.
You know, there's people who want to see sex, it seems.
So we've kept a fair amount.
Someone was asking me recently-- or telling me
that there's more sex in the third one than any
of the other two.
But I don't know.
I mean, I don't sit there with a timer when I'm--
So I don't actually know the answer to that.
But there's definitely a thriller aspect to this one.
And there's really fun car chases.
And someone gets kidnapped.
And, yeah.
There's lots happening this time.
A lot happens.
And then it all gets tied up very nicely.
And you have a nice-- well, I didn't mean that.
It gets tied up, and then it gets tied up.
At the end, there's a nice ending.
There's a lovely ending.
Lovely ending.
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Jamie Dornan Feels Panicked with Intense Fans

4635 Folder Collection
Crystal Wu published on February 22, 2018    Crystal Wu translated    Rachel Kung reviewed
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