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I wanna do a little test review now, Selina. - Okay.
I think you will do alright in it, because it's about you.
Okay, maybe not. - Yeah.
So if anyone's gonna know the answer, it will be you.
Or at least your fans will. - Yes.
Now you're not the biggest star in Instagram by chance. There's a reason.
You've got five albums, 22 singles only about.
You've been busy, you work to this, okay.
But I wanna know how you manage to keep all those lyrics in your head ?
'Cause that's a lot of music. - Yeah. - A lot of music.
I mean, but I've been singing since I was seven, and I feel like they're my stories. - Yeah.
So I think they just embedded in my mind.
I don't know, I just sings. - Yeah, but we're gonna test to see if stays.
Okay. - Because we did this with Demi.
Oh my god, I wanna curse.
Pink, came into this game.
On her satin something, something, something.
She didn't know her lyrics till Lady Marmalade. - Oh my gosh.
But she did know the full Lil Kim's.
You know what? I would have mad respect to that. That's genious.
Pink level was like, Wow, I was like "Wow. She's a gee!"
Okay, so we're gonna test you with this. First, we'll go easy on you.
All you gots to do is complete the lyric. - Okay,
This is you and the Zedd.
Honey it's raining tonight.
But storms always have an eye, have an eye.
Oh my god, Pink is back.
It's something with honey.
Oh my lanta.
Okay, I'm gonna pass.
Oh, it was "Tell me you're covered tonight." - I apologize.
But storms always have an eye, have an eye.
Tell me you're covered tonight or tell me lies, tell me lies lies.
Yeah, that be the... that would be the lyrics. Yes.
There we go. There we go. Yeah, there we go.
After I just talk to myself out.
You were like, I just know the lyrics. - Yeah.
It's because it's coming in half way.
No, but that's genius that you don't pick the obvious part. - You know, yeah I don't pick the obvious beats.
Okay, next up, this one.
I'm kinda like you, you're kinda like me.
We write the same song in a different key.
It's got a rhythm, you and me can get along.
You're joking. - NO.
Please tell me you played this for Demi.
'Cause I know for a fact, she have me on this one.
We don't know that song. That was a song that Demi and I did when we were doing a movie.
And I was 15, so that was 10 years ago, Nick!
I know we were one in the same.
Oh gosh, I'm sorry.
Let's find out. By the way, that was incorrect.
But there's how you should have sounded.
It's got a rhythm, you and me can get along.
And it may seem cliche for me to wanna say that your not alone.
Yep, don't remember singing any of that.
And you can call me uncool, but it's a simple fact, I still got your back.
Still got your back, one and the same.
Oh good, this is beautiful. I love this rendition. - You don't need a new album, just stick that again.
I don't know, that actually could be a great song now.
Yeah, - It's stunning when you make music and then it can be great now. Oh lanta.
Okay, if you hate me for that one, you're gonna hate me for this one. - Great.
- This one's from “ye oldie” year, 2002. - Oh good. - For the swing in 60s.
And this is a duet between you and Barney the dinosaur.
I'll sit a little while, imagine what could be and a new idea might come to me.
I like to think of something new, something fun to do,
maybe solve a problem or fix a thing or two.
If I sit a little while, I'm sure you'll see a new idea will come to me.
Yeah, - A new idea might come to me.
Wow, what does it say about me?
Why do you remember this?
Thanks for this YouTube video of me.
As well as I'm watching it. That says a lot about me. -That says a lot,
If Demi and Barney the dinosaur are listening together, that is gonna be awkward.
Do you look back in those day fondly?
Oh, I do, yes.
It was amazing to be able to be... - I bet. - Seven years old and experience that. - Yeah.
It was wild, I mean definitely got majorly made fun of in school.
But it was just, it was wild. You know, I feel like it was such a part of my life.
Yeah, are you still in touch with Barney?
I'm not. - No? - But I did try a few years ago to re- like have a reunion.
But they say that I couldn't be on the show. I'm not in the right union so,
apparently that didn't work out.
Demi said the Barney was hot.
He was. Very much so. I remember her saying that at the age of eight.
Because he was...he was!
We have to be very fit, right? To do that. Because it's 55 pounds of a costume. - Yeah.
So he would take it off and he's got his muscles and he's sweating,
and we were like "Okay, we're children."
But it was great.
I think I need to google Barney the dinosaur guy.
Yeah, there's different ones. - Okay, I'll get the same era. - Yeah, but the one we got was the greatest.
Well congratulation on that. - Thank you. - Amazing.
And Selina, thank you, that was a lot of fun.
It was good, thank you. I'm sorry I let Demi and all of my fans down on that one.
But you didn't let Barney down.
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Can Selena Gomez remember her own lyrics?

8522 Folder Collection
黃艾瑄 published on February 25, 2018    黃艾瑄 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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