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Hello, this is Jack from
and in this video we're going to talk about what you can do
if you are too busy to learn english,
so keep watching!
Over the years, I have taught many many
English learners English. This has been in language schools
one to one lessons and in different ways as well.
Now, some learners like to do their homework
others don't do it - and the number one reason
or the number one excuse I hear when someone hasn't done their homework
is that they are too busy. Maybe you have said this too.
Maybe you have said "I'm too busy to learn English."
Now, in the majority of these cases,
it's not that you're too busy - it's just that you have
other priorities. Now, this is not right or wrong
sometimes other priorities are more important.
but it's good to be aware that there are
other things involved when it comes to learning English.
For example, one student I had preferred to play sports.
She preferred to do sports all the time instead of learning English,
and she was aware that sports
were a higher priority than learning English.
So, the first thing to be aware of
and to think about is your priorities.
Is learning English high on your list
of priorities? And if not, can you make it more
of a priority?
But what if you are really really busy?
And you're working all day; you have to look after family;
you have to do lots of other things too? What if you really don't have time to
learn English?
What if you can't say, "For one hour today I'm going to learn English"?
you could introduce more English and listen to English,
read English, and generally do things in English
while doing other things - A great example of this
is when you're on your way to work, if you're on a train
in the car on your bike or walking, you can listen to English while you're on
your way to work.
Additionally, many people can also listen to English music
while they are working. So think about ways you can introduce more English
into your life even if you are really really busy.
But also, as I said before, think about your priorities.
Now, if you really enjoy watching television,
then watch television in English.
In fact, try to think about all the things that you do now
in your native language but do them
in English instead. One last thing: One
is better than zero - what I mean by this
is if you can only do one minute of learning English
then do that one minute - don't think it has to be one hour
or nothing - if you can only do five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes
do it in English. Now the question for this video
is this: What tips do you have
for those people who say they are too busy to learn English?
What tips do you have for people who say they are too busy to learn English?
Leave your comments below this video - thanks for watching
and see you next time!
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Are You too Busy to Learn English? Watch This!

25023 Folder Collection
kiki published on March 21, 2018    Arnold Hsu translated    Crystal Wu reviewed
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