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- I think we should move past what we were talking about.
- I think so too.
- But, by the way, I actually do want to ask you about something.
There's a voice about what comes next month when "The Voice" returns.
- That sounds right.
- Your fellow coach, sometimes friends sometimes nemesis Blake Shelton
was named People magazine's sexiest man alive.
I believe, two years after you were sexiest man alive.
-Yeah, I mean, like, ugh!
-Oh so it's... -No, no!
Okay, so, there's some funny things about this story.
- Cause I imagine him making fun of you when you were named sexiest man alive.
- You know, actually, that's the...I'll give him some credit.
He actually thought it was really cool.
- Oh he did?
- Hence the reason why he chased it down for a couple of years.
No, he thought it was cool.
What happened was:
when I got the thing, sexiest man alive,
I made a speech on your show as you remember.
- Yes!
- And behind me was this huge picture of the cover.
It was like so giant.
And (you don't) I don't know if you noticed,
but I took it, framed it
this is not a cheap, practical joke, by the way.
It was a lot more expensive than I care to admit.
I framed it and I sent it to his house in Oklahoma.
- Oh wow!
- I did, it's true.
And he put it up in his barn.
So there's like this huge thing
and it's there now.
And then he
You know, I guess that had fired under him, now he wanted it.
But he's, he's not sexy.
And it also made it feel worse that I got it.
- He cheapened it for you?
- He cheapened it a lot.
- Yeah, right.
- Yeah.
It's like, “Sexy dude's got it before I did?”
I was like, yeah cool.
I guess I'm sexy like that.
- Yeah right, true!
- And Blake was like:
"I guess I'm not as sexy as Adam."
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Adam Levine Reveals Prank on Blake Shelton

4702 Folder Collection
Rachel Kung published on February 24, 2018    Rachel Kung translated    Cyndi reviewed
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