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All right kids, out of the booth.
Time to get ready for the lunch rush.
Which is probably coming.
Any minute now.
It is kind of a slow start to lunch today, huh?
Yeah, it hasn't really been a great month.
For you B.O.?
No, for the restaurant.
Because of your B.O.?
I think people are just eating other food this month.
Tomorrow's Bog to Beach.
Bog to Beach, the parade.
It's tomorrow.
Oh, OK.
Oh, I love Bog to Beach!
All the free spirits out on the streets having a blast.
Well, it turns out my neighbor's friends with
the owner of the Bear Trap.
You know, the bar by the beach near the clam shack?
No, but that's OK that I don't.
Well he always does a right parade float in the Bog
to Beach but this year he's not doing
one because he hurt his back at the Strongmen Invitationals.
So his float is available and his slot in the parade
is available too.
I'm still not sure why you're yelling at us Teddy.
Also, you're really out of breath.
Yeah, I ran all the way over here.
I'm telling you this because he said you could make his float
into a Bob Burgers float.
Bob's Burgers but whatever.
(Gasp) A around parade float!
Are you kidding me?
I've always wanted to be in Bog to Beach.
Dress up crazy, dance all crazy, whip my hair around all crazy.
Get it girl!
I don't know if I want to do a parade float for Bog to Beach,
it doesn't seem that fun.
Of course it sounds fun, it's a parade.
You start at the bog and end up at the beach.
You drink a lot, you wear crazy costumes, oh, I love it.
And some people don't wear costumes.
Or anything.
Sans-o pans-o, am I right?
But it gets a little--
out of control.
Ahh, ahh!
Plus, I don't really get it.
People pee everywhere and it smells and--
You had me at pee everywhere, I'm in.
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Bobs Burgers Is Told To Participate In The Parade | Season 7. 21 | BOBs BURGERS

54 Folder Collection
Jin Wang published on February 21, 2018
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