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We're at the set to shoot a
music video for "KNOCK KNOCK".

[Let's clap together]
[A round of applause]
Go away! We're busy.
[Please don't do this to me]
Go away!
- We're rebellious.
- We've finished shooting our scenes.

[Rebellious girls]
[Girl crush]
A member of FIN.K.L is here.
(A K-pop girl group from 1990s)

[TZUYU wearing a pink ribbon]
FIN.K.L member.

"Promise me".
[Look at me please]

[DAHYUN seems disappointed]
Who is there?
Poking, poking.
What? It's not poking but knocking.
[I'll show the real sound of KNOCK KNOCK]
Let me show you how it sounds.

[Poke poke poke poke]
[It's still KNOCK KNOCK]
Still, it's knocking.

[MINA tries twin tail hair for the first time]
Isn't it your first time to have that style?

First time for me, too.
twin tails for the first time!]

[Showing off]
[Challenge to look like a mannequin]
[Blinking her eyes]
[I think we're doing great]
[CHAEYONG's ad lib]
[Thank you so much!]
[Me, too]
[Huh~ Oh~ Ah~]
[Tofu DAHYUN is passing]
ONCE, I have something to tell you.
I can't do this.

[Everyone, heart for you!]
[My wink is for you, too!]
Look at her.
[TWICE is monitoring their performance]
[We have something to tell you]

Please pick one cute thing about
CHAEYOUNG, from top to toe.

[Multiple choices]

When CHAEYOUNG is doing this.
No.2. CHAEYOUNG wearing a headband.
No.3 CHAEYOUNG poking in her dimple.
[In her dimple]
No.4. A mole in her nostril.
[What's going to be no.5?]

CHAEYOUNG toeing in.
- Transforming is cuter than this.
- 1, 2, 3.

Everyone. Out of five options.
Please pick one.

[Vote for your CHAEYOUNG]
There are subtitles for a real time vote.

I'll choose no.6.
- Invisible charm?
- Yes.

I'll choose no.7.
Oh, they know me well.
[Members are the best!]
She left.
Finally, she left us.
Where is she?
[Baby beast is hiding behind the penguin]
- Baby beast. - Behind MINA.

[Please stop, girls]
She's looking at us.

[Sohn CHAEYOUNG (19), Baby beat with a ribbon]
- Stop! - Not looking but staring at us.

[So feminine]
Hello, everyone.

[This is TZUYU]
[TZUYU cam appears!]
TZUYU cam again.

[TZUYU is coming to have an interview]
[Approached to SANA]

[Anything to say to TZUYU]

I've rarely seen TZUYU tie her hair.
As I saw her with her hair tied,
I realized she's the youngest.

[TZUYU is so cute]
She's so cute.

[MOMO's cam started]
- Do you know it's my first time
to try a pony tail style?
- Really?

This is my first time to try this octopus style.
[Everyone tries new hair style]
First time for me to try
putting my hair in two tails.

Is this Beethoven style?
I'm having jelly beans.
We will change now and
start shooting group dance scenes.

Way to go!
[Changed outfits]
[TWICE members look different]
We look so different, right?

We will knock on ONCE's heart.
TWICE, TWICE! Let's go!
[TWICE started shooting
the group dance scene for KNOCK KNOCK]

Ghost of "KNOCK KNOCK".
Open the door.
[Please open the door]

I'm the ghost of "KNOCK KNOCK".
So, today, here....
[Making a ghost sound]
[Pretending she can't hear it]
We will shoot this.

[MOMO is mean]
She ignored me.

I couldn't see you as you're a ghost.
What about a kiss ghost?
[TWICE is ready to shoot
after changing into pajamas]

- Twins.
- We're like twins.

Curly hair.
Triplets including MINA.
[TWICE coming downstairs
expecting something nice]

My soy sauce marinated crab!
Let's go one more time.
[Somebody is knocking on the door!]
The scene that we're shooting is...
We're living in a house.
And we heard a knocking sound.

I'm coming downstairs expecting
duck barbecue and soy sauce marinated crab.

I was too excited and my ribbon got loose.
[Oh! These slippers!]
I heard you took them from MINA.
[JEONGYEON's skill to change the subject]
Hey! It's a gift for you.

[JEONGYEON is running away]
[Penguin slippers are mine!]
[NAYEON's new hair style looks like a fur hat]
I look like this.

[So innocent like a child]
What's this?

We've been shooting the music video
for two days in a row.

We're doing our best.
[This is TWICE house in the mv]
This is our place in the music video.

You can see stairs in the music video.
It looks like this.

[Truth of the stairs]
There's nothing on the 2nd floor.

It's just hanging in the air.
Nothing is on top.

[Found SANA!]
[Cute earmuffs!]
She's wearing earmuffs.

- We're going to shoot with snow.
- Snowing scenes.

[Go, go! Back to work]
Bye. We need to go now.

[TWICE members are coming
downstairs one by one]

[SANA's tumbling]
[SANA, great job!]
A bite for JIHYO.
Another bite for ONCE.

[TWICE's break time]

"I like Boongbboong-E.
Why? I just like him".

[Black bean noodles?]
"I like Jja-jan brother".

- "Why? I just like it".
- What's that?

- What about Sweet and Sour Pork?
- It's not in the lyrics. - I want it!

[Give me Sweet and Sour Pork]
No lyrics?

[As per MOMO's request]
When you're annoyed, Black Bean Noodles.
When it's complicated, Fried Rice.

Sweet, sweet,
Sweet and Sour Pork.

[Sweet and Sour Pork]
[Way to go]

[Started singing animation theme songs]
When this video clip is released,
I guess we've finished year-end performances.

[This is our stage!]
[TWICE start reading cartoons]
- We're all reading cartoons.
- Awesome.

[TWICE at a waiting room]
This is how we spend time while waiting.

This is the last scene.
[Snowball fight!]
I have a lot of heater packs.
[Sorry, I can't hear you]
[A group shot together!]
[Pretty members]
It's coming to an end.
I thought it would be long
but it's now coming to an end.

[TWICE looks so happy in the snowing scene]
Thank you for your hard work.
[TWICE finished shooting the last scene]
Good job.
Thank you.
[Saying thank you to the staff members]
One in a million, TWICE! Thank you!

[The end of shooting "KNOCK KNOCK" mv]
Thank you!

I hope "KNOCK KNOCK" will be a hit song.
Way to go!
[Please give a lot of support to "KNOCK KNOCK"]

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778 Folder Collection
eason published on February 20, 2018
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