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It's New Year's, and you brought the younger one here too.
I can't take this anymore.
I am her mom.
I brought her here for New Year's. What's the problem?
I'm not going to raise someone else's kid.
I'm Wenya's father. I should take care of her.
Where would I send her to?
Her own mother doesn't want her.
Why do I have to let her in?
It's not your home, no one wants you!
Jingjing, why is it that we have two homes when other kids seem to only have one?
Hm … Mama said that we'll understand when we're older.
Dad, what's wrong?
Your mother's in the hospital.
Wenya, one day if I'm not here anymore,
you need to take care of yourself.
So no matter how hard things get, I know we can all get through it.
Why couldn't, why couldn't I have had a family that was whole?
Auntie, why is life always so full of suffering?
Almighty God's words very clearly explain the root of people's pain in life.
Let's take a look at His words together. Then you'll see.
You need to know that God is with us now.
The Church is our true family.
We're no longer alone.
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God Is Good | Almighty God Gave Me a Happy Family | Christian Movie Trailer "Where Is My Home"

567 Folder Collection
Tim published on February 18, 2018
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