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  • Hey guys. Quick question. What do you do when life is cold? You chill.

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  • Alright. Today I wanna talk to you about why it's important to learn to be alone.

  • When I was in college, I took acting classes.

  • During those two semesters, I not only learned about acting skills but also developed a sort of philosophy of life.

  • And it goes like this, 10% of the time you're on the stage, you're under the limelight,

  • looking all glamorous, savoring applause from your passionate crowd.

  • Those are the good moments in life. And then there's the rest of the 90 percent of time.

  • That's when you're off stage, behind the curtains, striving to hit the stage in the first place, chasing your dreams,

  • overcoming daily obstacles that come along the way.

  • That's when you're unseen, when you're unnoticed.

  • That's when life is not full of balloons and confetti falling from the sky. That's when you're just another ordinary face in the crowd.

  • However, those are the moments that define who you are. You see, it's easy to behave, perform, do well,

  • or even put on an act when you're surrounded by people. The problem is, can you do the same when you're alone?

  • For example,

  • from where I come from, students go to study centers to study.

  • And in those rooms everybody studies like crazy under that atmosphere. And that prompts you to stay focused in that mode so you can act alike.

  • But when you're studying home alone, that's a total different story. We're all experienced in that, right?

  • When we're home alone studying, we might be really studying at first.

  • But then you can't help yourself and you start turning on the TV. You watch TV for a bit.

  • And then you get your hands on your smartphone for a bit. You start watching YouTube for a bit.

  • You watch my videos for a bit. Hopefully.

  • And then you get tired and you nap for a bit. And after that you might get back to studying for a little bit more

  • It's much harder to behave and perform well when we're by ourselves

  • 'Cos when we're alone, to be honest, we just wanna chill.

  • It's human nature. When we're alone, we're more prone to our weaknesses We become lazier.

  • We tend to waste more time. We become less productive. We're much more easily enticed by negative things surrounding us. Need not to mention.

  • So in conclusion,

  • we're weaker when we're on our own. Acceptable, 'cos we're social animals after all.

  • Bonding makes us stronger. There's no arguing with that. But try to wrap your head around this the other way.

  • What if we could bring out the best in ourselves even when there's no one out there to give us credit for it.

  • You're the only person (that) you are responsible to.

  • You're the only person who sees your own deeds. If we could manage to keep ourselves in shape, both physically and mentally in solitary.

  • Wouldn't we be able to bring out even better result when we're in a crowd?

  • Life is like a soccer game.

  • It requires intense teamwork but also excellence in individual skill.

  • I like a movie calledThe Shawshank Redemption

  • The main character, Andy, was sentenced to lifetime in prison while he was innocent of killing his wife and her lover.

  • A young, rich American banker deprived of everything he had.

  • Locked up in a small jail cell. Alone, cut off from society.

  • However, he managed to keep his sanity by creating a little hope for himself.

  • Making impossible friends. Doing little favors. Helping out other inmates. And for 19 years, without missing a day, night after night,

  • executing his ultimate escape plan. It tells us how a glimmer of hope can drive people to do the impossible.

  • It tells you bow strong self-discipline and managing the environment can make people do the incredible.

  • So, to wrap it up. Learn how to live with yourself.

  • If you master that, you can confidently, easily fit into any condition,

  • either in abundance or poverty, in the public eye or when alone.

  • There are both things that you can take away either when you're in a group of people or when you're all alone.

  • But it's the 90 percent of moments that make who we are.

  • Peace

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Hey guys. Quick question. What do you do when life is cold? You chill.

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