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  • Han Solo was a Corellian smuggler and hero of the Rebel Alliance.

  • He was orphaned at a young age and turned to a life of crime where he became an excellent

  • pilot and smuggler.

  • He met the Wookiee Chewbacca and acquired the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian

  • in a game of sabacc.

  • Eventually, due to a smuggling run gone wrong, Han and Chewie owed a significant debt to

  • gangster Jabba the Hutt.

  • In order to pay it off, Han agreed to pilot Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi to Alderaan.

  • But when they arrived they found the planet destroyed and were captured by the Galactic

  • Empire's Death Star.

  • Together they rescued Princess Leia Organa and escaped the battle station.

  • Despite Han's tendency to only look out for himself and Chewie, he helped the Rebel

  • Alliance destroy the Death Star.

  • For the next three years Han remained with the Rebellion, and fell in love with Leia.

  • Apparently Paypal wasn't ever inventing in the galaxy, or Jabba just prefers to be

  • paid in cash, because Han never got around to paying off his debts.

  • He was lured into a trap by his old friend Lando, frozen in carbonite, and delivered

  • to Jabba.

  • One year later his friends were able to rescue him, and he served as a general in a successful

  • attack against the second Death Star.

  • Shortly after the battle he and Chewbacca were involved in the liberation of the Wookiee

  • homeworld Kashyyyk.

  • Little else is known about Han's activities in the decades that followed.

Han Solo was a Corellian smuggler and hero of the Rebel Alliance.

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Han Solo Character History (Canon) - Star Wars Minute

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