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- So weird. - Yeah. - Hey friend how about come thirdwheel at our-
You know I feel bad-
Oh he ripped it off.
He's in love with her.
Now her husband and-
Today we will be reacting to a thing called K. Will Please Don't.
It might be K. Won't if I hate it.
This is a solo artist.
- You're watching this one. - Ok.
But maybe you will.
K will like it, but Y won't like it.
I'm pushin' it haha.
That's really pushing it.
I kinda wanna slap you.
- You're not gonna see him in the video because there's a story going on.
- Is this like One Shot, I'm not ready for another One Shot. - Yeah I'm not ready for another One Shot. - You'll see.
Ok so this one
Wanna shoot me with some Kwills?
So do your best to still analyze the music and-
- It was so bad. - Why did I lean forward the moment you lean towards me it was like wooooop
Point out things that you like and stuff but there's also a cool story
- This is the... - killl meeeee
Please don't let us watch it
Stop making puns please so I can finish a sentence.
- Um ok. - Um. - K we will.
I got- I got it.
Please Don't.
- Oh wow. - Woah.
I'm ok with this.
Yeah baby.
That sounds like, lowkey, ondes martenot.
- Oh he is just not interested. - Oh he does... he does not look happy.
You shouldn't have your inner car lights on while driving.
- So we'll never see the person who's singing. - Correct.
Is he depressed?
I kinda like that.
Seems like it doesn't, it
He obviously isn't showing affection to her
- That groove is sick. - Oh. - Ah.
Nice piano break
or midi break
I really like that synthesized whistling. - Oh yeah that'd be neat.
- Oh my gosh. - His voice.
- Who's this? - He's... - Who's this, is this
- It's so intimate. - It's very singer-songwritery.
- Wait I'm confused about the other dude. - There's, there's like Spanish flare guitar happening - There is like acoustic guitar.
What the fu-
- I like it. - Wooowww.
I ju- Dude eyes on the road buddy.
- Oh maybe it's his like bestfriend, and he doesn't want to take her away from his best friend. - OOOOoohhhhh I see.
That was good.
That was good.
Did it add an extra beat in there?
It was just a beat of silence that felt longer cuz it was used so effectively.
What do you think of the music so far?
Oh is the girl not actually in the car?
Like is that his dream?
I kinda like it, but he has a really high voice.
- Boi. - That falsetto though.
It's a lot less bumpin' than the other synth that we've listened to.
He's got resting b*tch eyes.
Good singing key.
- So he's gonna... - Oh yeah boy kill it. That riff was great.
That riff kills me aahh.
- I thought we were supposed to talk about the music Shimon, not that story. - Sorry sorry sorry.
- There's like wedding dress. - It, I was just thinking that.
- Yeah exactly. Oh oh the tuxes. - I was like, this is...
It's the wedding dress but from the other guy's perspective haha.
The music is good.
I like the little flutters at the top.
- Flutters? Oh. - Bum bum bum bada bum bum.
There it is.
- Oh now they're getting married. - And so he's like watching- he's like watching his bestfriend.
There isn't much of a of bass though.
That would be nice.
To like solidify the song.
- I didn't say that right? - But it's like not really a ballad, so that's what I like about it, but it's definitely a lot slower than the other songs that we've listened to.
It's very transparent.
- Can you not hear the bass? - I can hear a tiny bit but I'd like a bit more.
I can feel the bass haha
- Yeah cuz he... - Friendzoned!!
That was good.
That note.
Oh that was a nice uh
major chord there.
Oh what was that?
That was..
-That sounded like a termination. - It was a...
Yeah haha
Yeah his facial expressions are not subtle whatsoever you could definitely tell exactly what he's thinking.
- Oh what? - Oh.
- Oh she's not there. - Are you kidding?
Ok but here's the thing, her disappearance in that actually made sense.
It's like this girl who he longs for, and we already figured out what the storyline was, so that's why the disappearing was acceptable in that one.
Stop crying.
- So f***in. - Guy's gotta stop crying man, you gotta get it together here.
- Ooowwww - Oh.
- OOOOOooohhh man. - OOOOOooohhh classic.
He just ripped that girl in half.
Oh hey, yeah no, I'm fine it's whatever man I'm cool.
Toxic masculinity.
They're not... too afraid of their emotions.
Aw best man
- Oh this is the memory of the picture and it's about to be taken. - OOOOHHHHHH BOOII
I mean shouldn't he be happy for his friend?
- Oh he ripped that off. - Wait he oh OH OH OH OH OOOOOHOH
- OOohhhhh - DId this just go gay?
Wait please.
- WAIT! WAIT! W- OOOHHHHHH - So he's in love with the dude OOOOHHHHH PLOT TWIST
- YES! - M. Night Shyamalan's back guys!
But and then she's like getting married, and she's like you know with her two guys now, her husband and...
- NO ok ok let's just... ok hold on hold on. - Ok I love this.
- ever. - Oh my gooodd.
- Why is he thirdwheeling haha that's so weird. - Yeah. - Hey friend how bout come thirdwheel at our...
- MY GOD now it makes sense! - OH MY GOD
He's in love with her
- My bestfriend and my husband and I am just so happy. - Your girl...
- And he's just like look at this ugly man trying to steal my woman - You know I feel bad...
Wait, that was just like so extra.
- OH MY GOD - Wow. - That was extra.
What in the f***
I'm screaming a lot I'm really sorry.
- Woooowww OH MY GOSH. - Wait, what is that what I think what it was?
I mean you know that's great.
That just made everything so much cooler.
- I've seen more shocking plot twists in recent memory. - Yes! it's finally cannon for once.
- I've been saying gay for the past 2 months and it's finally here! - That rhymed, once and months.
The best part is that they TOTALLY left that out until the very end because the whole time they made you think that he's interested in the girl.
and so like you see him crying and stuff because it's their wedding.
Way to freaking dump it right at the end dammit.
- Yeah I definitely did not- that would've been the last thing that I would've guessed to happen in that story - Same.
- Sure. - Wow that was in a kpop song. I thought it was super religious over there.
- UUummmm HAHAH oh f*ck - My body's numb.
- Alright there we go. - Alright! That was some quality content.
Can we just take a moment to just like- like go back?
Yeah I would like to think of this as a continuation of wedding dress.
This is the alternate story.
- I feel, I feel like it's almost like parodying it like parodying that story ju- just so that, cuz like everyone's seen wedding dress probably. - Exactly.
- Before you, before your time. - Just like playing with that, that expectation.
I guess that's why he wasn't interested in that girl.
I see.
- Oh that makes sense. - Yes, makes sense, yeah.
Wow we took the wrong direction.
We were, we were off.
Is that how you feel towards me?
- I'm not interested in you because you're just like the girl to me, I'm that guy and you're the girl. - You're just crying yeah. You just cry-
You know
I feel bad that I just assumed his sexuality but
- Well yeah it is indeed 2016, well dang it's - I just thought he was just trying to get over her you know
2017 now
That was too good
- I got played - And then the singing?
- The singing? - The singing was so good. - It was pretty damn good.
- That- that high riff. - And even the melody, just the way it always- yeah
There was a direct minor to major chord in there they did like just some like straight up model mixture
like unapologetically and it was very effective cuz they blended it so well.
- It was... - I actually stopped focusing on the music.
No both of you stopped focusing on the music at the same time it's hilarious
- Really? - Yeah
- And then the music... - The music was also really straightforward too. - Yeah.
It was- it was like
What he said?
But I think what got me was- it was really- like it was like the music video.
It was like super simple, it was really transparent it just kind of like sat there.
You know, but it was like- it was good though because I felt like that was definitely about the story that was going on.
Like the- kind of what the song was about more so than like actually making a super complex, intricate display of musicality.
- It's ok. - I don't remember the music. - I would like to- hahaha
I liked some stuff like umm
- The synth thing that you were talking about. - Yeah.
- That was a nice touch, it made it interesting. - It made it a lot lighter.
- I don't know, it set the mood for something. - But no it it...
- Noooo did it though it kinda like had this like... - I think, to me,
Even though it was in major it kinda felt dark.
But then it was minor at one section.
Like right when the girl disappeared.
- I don't know. - I could be remembering wrong.
- There could've been some foreshadowing with some um - True true true.
chords there.
- Great, I liked it. - Good music. - Good music.
- Once the storyline started getting really f*cked up I didn't pay attention to the music anymore. - Yeah I started being like
answer my questions.
The only reason I don't like this song is because in the verses his voice is whispering and I just feel like he's close to me and it makes me uncomfortable.
- Ok so it's the way they produced it. - Yeah.
I thought it was great.
- I thought his voice was really... - Hugo's mad at me because I...
I tho-
Will you shut the...
I thought it was a great video, It was fine, it was- he did a good job. His riffs were really good, his falsetto was really good.
He rarely dipped lower which I would've liked to see more of.
I think that he does actually have a low range I just don't think that he was using it.
But I thought that what he did was good. I thought his just overall
production was actually good production.
And you know for a male voice is not easy to sing up there for extended periods of time, but it was good.
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Classical Musicians React: K.WILL 'Please don't...'

3724 Folder Collection
Stephanie published on February 23, 2018    Stephanie translated    jenny reviewed
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