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Released by Type-Moon in the year 2004 on
the PC, Fate/Stay night would be an adult

visual novel that would spark a large and
popular franchise.

Written and Directed by Kinoko Nasu, the game
would be one of the longest scripts ever written

in the history of games, in terms of word
count, putting it on par with the Bible.

It's popularity have also spun off serveral
other games of various styles, animes, manga,

and merchandising.
For characters, the game is mainly told through
the perspective of Shirou Emiya, and centralizes

around his involvement in a magical battle
royale to the death.

The story is actually split up into 3 very
distinct paths depending on which of the 3

female protagonists the player chooses to
involve themselves with.

For gameplay, as a visual novel the engagement
is mostly at the reading level, and occaisionally

a decision point will be reached where one
option is the correct route and the rest are

routes that typically lead to death.
Keep in mind, while there are multiple endings
and nuances to each path, I will be covering

the True ending to each route.
This video will cover the Fate route, but
please watch the other two paths linked at

the end of this video.
The story only gets larger from here, so let's
cut it down to size with a RECAPitation.

As the game begins in the city of Fuyuki,
we see a young Rin Tohsaka say goodbye to

her father as he goes off to war.
However, this is no conventional war, but
rather, a secret battle between 7 mages for

the coveted wish-granting Holy Grail relic,
aptly called the Holy Grail War.

So serious is the battle between them that
battles are usually to the death until there

is one mage left, and unfortunately, Rin's
father dies in this 4th Holy Grail war, which

is normally every 60 years, but somehow, the
5th war is beginning early after only 10 years.

Older, Rin is now living on her own, the last
of her long magical bloodline, though like

other magic-users, she must keep her abilities
secret in this modern world that doesn't recognizes

Her family specializes in Jewel Magecreaft,
which is transferring and storing magical

energy into jewels, for utilization later.
For instance, her heirloom necklace that she
wears is one such jewel that has an immense

amount of magical energy stored in it.
Outside her private life of magic study, she
lives a normal high school life though her

proud and competitive nature leaves her with
a shallow social life, despite her charming

looks and excellent performances academically
and athletically.

This is partly because its an accepted practice
to kill anyone who discovers the identity

of a mage, so she chooses not to let anyone
get too close to her.

As she goes to class, she bumps into several
of her classmates, like the mild-mannered

Sakura, the cocky vice-president of the archery
club Shinji, her stern homeroom teacher, and

the handyman around the school Shirou.
When she gets home, her guardian and part
magic teacher Kirei leaves a message for her

to hurry up and prepare for her role as a
Master in the coming Holy Grail war, or waive

her participation and seek the protection
of the church before it begins.

The Holy Grail war is a fight to the death
between the participating Magi, but they are

not alone.
Each one is a master to a familiar called
a Servant, whom they must summon and form

a contract with.
However, only one servant can be summoned,
and if the summoner has a focus connected

to a particular heroic spirit, they can summon
an even stronger servant.

There are 7 classes of Servants, Saber, Lancer,
Archer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, and Berserker.

Rin herself is determined to summon a servant
from the Saber class, which she considers

the strongest.
That night, Rin makes every preparation possible
to complete her summoning, though botches

her timing, but still suceeds in producing
a summon.

The spirit in question crashes into her living
room, and is a red knight rather unimpressed

with Rin as a Master.
Like all Masters, Rin does indeed have a set
of Command Spells on her hand, that allow

her to control her Servant, and are miracles
granted from the Holy Grail itself unto its

He continues his condescending attitude and
begruding servitude towards Rin, until she's

mad to the point of spending one of her command
spells to demand obediance.

While more compliant, the servant reminds
Rin not to be wasteful of her two remaining

spells, which can also be used to allow him
to accomplish great or otherwise impossible

feats of strength.
Still, he has now observed her resolve as
well as magical ability, and genuinely regards

her with more respect now.
When he reveals he's of the Archer class,
Rin is openly disappointed, but Archer protests

how he'll show her he's no mistake.
When asked which heroic spirit he is, Archer
pauses, explaining he doesn't know himself,

which puzzles both of them.
Regardless, with Rin now a part of the death
battle, the war waits for its final Master

to appear before it begins.
In reflection, anyone who is Master but loses
all three of their command spells, loses control

of their Servant and their status as Master,
and certainly faces death.

With Archer's memory fuzzy, he also can't
rightly recall his ultimate move, called a

Noble Phantasm, that every Servant has as
a trump card.

She shows him around town, as servants can
turn invisible to normal people, including

the site of the final battle of the last Holy
Grail War, 10 years ago, now a park in the

middle of the city.
Archer can feel the overwhelming amount of
regret there, and likens it to a Reality Marble.

Unlike a magic barrier, which is a field that
protects its maker from outside danger but

still based on what's around them, a Reality
Marble is a limited field in which reality

is removed and instead whatever the maker
desires takes form.

Rin is interrupted as her Command Spell throbs,
a sign that another Master is nearby.

Even though the war has not officially begun,
Masters can technically begin fighting at

any time.
The next day, Rin decides to still go to school,
as the battles between mages are supposed

to take place in secret, so she doubts a surprise
attack will come hiding in plain sight.

Archer isn't so confident, and to her surprise,
Rin notes the next day at school, a magical

field is being set up on the school itself.
After school, they investigate, and she learns
this large boundary field, when complete,

will drain the life force out from everyone
within, and claim their souls.

Archer confirms that as a spirit they can
feed on souls and mental energy though they

don't need to, as usually the magical energy
of their Master is enough.

But if they do, they can become tougher as
their magical energy capacity will increase,

so stealing energy is an understandable tactic
for this war.

Rin announces she has no intention of eating
the souls of others to win, and Archer seems

glad to hear it.
As she begins to erase part of the boundary
field, she is interrupted by a man in blue

armor, who recognizes her as a Master, and
she recognizes him as a Servant.

Summoning a blood-red spear, he lunges for
Rin, who dodges and begins to flee, as she

runs and heads for a more open area where
she and Archer can counterattack.

Archer steps forward, and despite his name,
wields a shortsword in hand.

The fight ensues with both spirits, as Archer
is pushed back by Lancer's skill.

However, Archer then produces two swords,
and though Lancer disarms the supposed bowman

dozens of times, in an instant, Archer produces
new blades.

This confuses both Lancer and Rin, as Rin
also thought each Servant only carries one

weapon that is filled with magical energy,
which is the basis for their Noble Phantasm,

and cannot be replaced like Archer is doing.
Archer figures out what heroic spirit Lancer
is based on his fighting technique, and as

a retort, Lancer prepares to unleash his Noble
Phantasm and kill Archer.

However, everything is interrupted, as a student
spots them, and Lancer suddenly turns and

moves to kill the witness.
Rin feels compelled to follow, as even though
she knows there cannot be any witnesses, she's

always been careful till today, since she
dislikes involving others.

As she finds the student, it's too late as
he's been dealt with by Lancer and is dying.

She sends Archer to tail Lancer, though notes
how odd this student has been pierced in the

heart yet hasn't died yet.
She recognizes the student as her classmate
Shirou, and refusing to let him die, she uses

her last resort family heirloom to empty all
of its powerful magical energy into reviving

Returning home, Rin reflects how Lancer revealing
his Noble Phantasm would also reveal his heroic

name, which would have helped them, as knowing
the true name of any hero lets you know their

weapon, abilities and weaknesses, and thus
why each Servant hides their identity with

their class name until they reveal and use
their Noble Phantasm.

To note, a Saber has made it to the final
fight in the last 4 Holy Grail Wars, hence

why Rin wanted one, though Sabers, Archers,
and Lancers are generally regarded for their

high magic resistance.
Another one to note is the Berserker who possess
exceptional strength but no sanity, and quickly

drain their Master's magic, leading to their

Rin suddenly realizes she forgot to wipe the
memory of Shirou, which is her way of removing

witnesses, and rushes over to his house.
She senses Lancer already there, but suddenly
there's a flash of white, as now a new, more

powerful presence arrives; a new Servant that
forces Lancer to flee now.

However, the new Servant now attacks Rin and
Archer, nearly felling Archer in one blow

had Rin not spent another Command Spell to
send him away instantly.

As Rin is easily defeated, she sees its by
the hand of the card she wanted, the Saber,

as she now waits for her early death.
As perspective now shifts to that of Shirou
from earlier, we learn he doesn't remember

too much of his past, only that his family
and neighborhood were lost to a fierce fire

10 years ago.
Though he alone was saved, inside, his heart
has never recovered from the massive loss.

He would be adopted by a man who confessed
to being a magi upfront, Kiritsug Emiya and

later Shirou would ask to learn magic from

He looked up to the Kiritsugu who rescued
him and has since made it his goal to be a

man of justice like him.
We go back in time a month, as Shirou is now
living alone, though his friend from school

Sakura and teacher often help him in his home.
Shirou himself enjoys fixing things, helping
others, and is better at archery than even

the school captain, though his skill with
magic is worse than amateur.

He has a secret attraction to Sakura, who
is also sister to his classmate Shinji.

In truth, Shirou is a good handyman as he
assists his repairs with the light bit of

magic he can use.
He's able to slightly strengthen things, and
has a knack for being able to visualize the

structure of things and reproduce them in
his mind.

That night, he runs into a strange silver-haired
girl, who warns him to summon something soon,

else he'll die.
As he practices his magic every evening as
usual, he reflects how he has few natural

magic circuits but no family crest, as he
is an adopted son of the Emiya family, and

thus their magic crest could not be passed
to him though blood.

Thus, as a normal human, he must work to strengthen
the few magic circuits he does have with the

natural affinity of magic he's compatible

Personally, he's ok with never becomming a
magus and instead being like his adopted father,

whom he views as a hero who helps people.
For example, Shirou doesn't hesistate to beat
up his classmate Shinji if he catches him

hitting his sister Sakura.
After a strange dream about swords, he hears
about a local murder of a family that were

all apparantly stabbed by a spear, and that
night from work, he spots Rin from a long

distance with his superior eyesight, surveying
the town atop a tower.

Please note, it is at this point that the
divide between the three routes begins, If

you would like to continue to the Unlimited
Blade Works routw with Rin or Heaven's Feel

route with Sakura, please select the appropriate
video from the description below.

Otherwise, continue watching for the Fate
route with Saber.

The following day, Shirou senses something
strange around the school, but stays late

to help with a task.
That night, he hears a sound and goes to investigate,
only to witness Archer and Lancer dueling.

He's spotted during Lancer's Noble Phantasm,
and Shirou finds himself running for his life

to no avail, as Lancer catches up to him in
the halls of the school and stabs him cleanly

through the heart.
Strangley, he doesn't die instantly, and instead,
a few moments later, Rin finds him, resucitates

him and leaves.
When he wakes, he stumbles home, only to learn
Lancer has followed him back and now moves

to kill him again.
Determined to at least fight for his life,
Shirou reaches for a nearby poster tube and

uses his single Reinforcement spell to transform
it into a metallic, sword-like weapon.

Seeing this, Lancer mocks and toys with Shirou,
during which Shirou makes it to his tool shed.

On the floor of his tool shed is a magic circle
left by Kiritsugu he's never really considered,

and as he curses his impending death, a light
flashes out and the seventh Servant, one of

the Saber class, appears and immediately reacts
to save Shirou from Lancer.

As Lancer backs off, Shirou sees his savior
is a beautiful girl in knights armor.

As Lancer prepares his Noble Phantasm to kill
her, Gae Bolg, it pierces Saber but somehow

she avoids an instant death, and in doing
so, identifies the man's true heroic name.

However, Lancer's Master chooses to recall
him, and so he leaves.

As things calm down immediately, Shirou is
confused to the state of now being a Master,

but Saber now detects two more foes outside,
jumping out to greet Rin and Archer.

Ambushing them, she nearly kills Archer had
Rin not intervened and sent him away.

As she bears on Rin, Shirou halts Saber, and
is shocked to find out Rin is involved in

all this.
Ordering Saber to stand down, she does so
under protest, and reading the scene, Rin

proposes they all go inside as its clear Shirou
has no idea what's going on.

As they talk, Rin quickly learns Shirou knows
close to nothing about magic at all.

In return for sparing her life, she explains
everything to him, including the Holy Grail

war and how the battle royale game is won.
Though, Shirou still has many questions, so
she takes him to see the priest supervising

the whole war.
The priest Kirei, seems pleasant enough, but
smiles stragely when learning Shirou's last

name of Emiya.
As he clarifies things, Rin points out the
War is to determine the last Servant standing,

so its not strictly necessary to kill the
Masters, but it usually ends up happening

since the easiest way to beat a servant is
to kill the Master behind it.

In the event a Master is killed, a Servant
lingers until its magical energy depletes,

during which, they can form a new contract
with a Master who as lost a Servant and still

has at least one Command Spell.
Thus, killing Masters is more effective in
that regard too.

Alternatively, if a Master has used all their
Command Spells and thus loses control of their

Servant, they may seek sanctuary of this church
for the duration of the war.

Shirou objects that an evil person can get
the Holy Grail easily, and Kirei says then

the easiest thing is to simply win himself,
else another side effect of the war, like

the blaze that killed Shirou's family ten
years ago will occur again.

He also mentions the Grail will choose its
own Master, and unworthy ones will be rejected,

as he found out as he was a participant in
the last Holy War himself.

He says Shirou should be happy, as his personal
wish of becomming a hero is able to come true,

as there is indeed a villain in this War that
he can defeat.

Regardless, Shirou decides to stay in the
Holy Grail war, which has now officially begun.

As they leave, Rin mentions how Kirei is her
second teacher, but originally he was a senior

apprentice to her under the same teacher,
her father.

She also mentions he's untrustworthy, hence
why she didn't even tell him what class she

Still, once they return home she breaks off,
explaining that now that he knows the rules,

they're enemies starting tomorrow.
Though, as soon as she leaves, the small,
silver-haired girl from before now appears,

this time with a giant of a man beside her.
She recognizes Rin and introduces herself
as Ilya Einzbern, a family name Rin also recognizes.

Wasting no time to attack two Masters at once,
Ilya commands her servant Berserker to kill

them all.
Berserker's powerful but wild swings are barely
parried by Saber, who is already weakened

from her first two battles already.
As things seems grim, Ilya has no problem
revealing her Berserker's true name as the

legendary Greek Hero Hercules.
With nothing he can do, Shirou blocks Berserker's
blow with his own body, a maneuver that saves

Saber and shocks both Rin and Ilya.
As Shirou drops, dying again, Ilya oddly chooses
to withdraw Berserker for today, and promises

to kill Rin later as she leaves.
The next day, he's surprised to be alive and
Rin reveals his body regenerated on its own

with his magic, but Shirou protests that he
doesn't know any healing magic.

Rin then proposes that since her Archer is
still healing and Shirou is a weak master

for Saber, they should form an alliance until
they defeat Berserker, and in return for the

protection she will teach him more about Magic.
Shirou agrees, though to himself he still
doesn't have a personal desire to win the

Holy Grail.
After Rin leaves, he suddenly recalls the
wounded Saber, and when he hurries to find

her, he finds her instead back to normal,
wearing normal clothes.

He's immediately smitten, but focuses on getting
to know her first.

He's glad she refuses to harm innocents to
gain an edge.

He also asks her her real name, but she politely
refuses, explaining that if he knew, because

he's so weak, anyone can use magic to pull
the information from him.

He agrees, and now notices Rin back with luggage,
explaining she'll be living here with him

as per their alliance.
At dinner, they agree for now they will continue
letting their Servants heal while doing their

best to gather information on the other 4

They continue living a normal life though
at school, Rin lets Shirou know about the

life-stealing boundary field being set up.
After some investigating, Shirou finds the
base point of the field, but is discovered

by Shinji, who has already surmised he and
Rin are Masters working together.

Shinji proposes working together as well,
and leads him back to his own house where

he reveals his own servant, Rider.
He explains that while his lineage, the Matou
Family used to be Magi, the magic circuits

in their bloodline died out long ago and they
only have their knowledge, while he can't

actually use magic.
He also mentions only one heir in a household
can inherit a family's magic, and that's him,

so other children, like Sakura, are either
kept in the dark about magic, or given out

to be adopted by other families.
When Shirou asks if he knows of the magic
barrier, Shinji says its not him, but yet

another Master or Servant present at their

Shirou declines the cooperation agreement
between them, and Shinji takes it surprisingly

well, and even drops that there is a Master
at Ryudo Temple nearby, where there's a witch

collecting souls.
At home, Shirou reveals all this to Saber
and Rin, mentioning he doesn't immediately

believe Shinji's claim of not setting up the
boundary field around the school.

Also, without enough information, he doesn't
want to risk attacking the temple Master.

Saber disagrees on so much inaction, and that
night puts on her armor to deal with the Temple

Master herself.
She is stopped when she encounters an unexpected
samurai guarding the temple, who shocks her

by fully introducing himself as the Assassin
Servant, Sasaki Kojiro.

They waste no time clashing blades in fierce
combat as elsewhere Shirou notes Saber's disappearance

and thinks she left for the temple herself.
A dagger in the night almost catches Shirou
as he approaches the temple, which is noticed

by Assassin, who withdraws, noting that their
3rd party visitor is clearly here to witness

their techniques and prey on the victor.
He mentions his mission is simply to prevent
entry to the temple, so he pulls back for

As Shirou helps Saber home, his pride erupts
on Saber fighting not only without his permission

but also because she's a girl.
Naturally, Saber is a warrior first, doubly
so because she is also a Servant whose role

it is to fight in this war.
Shirou then proclaims he'll fight as well,
and while initially rejected, Saber accepts

it with the help of Rin, under the condition
that Shirou be taught swordmanship by Saber.

So, with sword training under Saber and magic
training under Rin, Shirou gains a better

perspective of actual battle, and Rin fixes
a lot of the magic dysfunction that has held

him back all these years.
She explains that after he gets the basics
of his strengthening, which enhances the abilities

of something, he can also likely learn transformation
magic, which adds new effects to something,

and then projection magic, which can create

Unfortunately, he's quite bad at everything,
though unexpectedly, Archer comes down and

offers some advice to him at least winning
his mental battles first before winning in

real life.
A few days later, Shinji calls Shirou and
invites him to speak alone during school,

and Shinji complies, though as soon as he
does, something is immediately wrong.

Suddenly, all of his senses are assaulted
as the barrier field trap around the school

activates, and Shinji reveals himself, proudly
claiming this trap to kill everyone in the

school and feed the souls to his Rider.
Enraged, Shirou attacks Shinji personally,
but Rider intervenes now, kicking him out

the 3rd floor window.
As he miraculously survives the fall, Shirou
thinks quickly and spends one of his 3 command

spells to instantly summon Saber here, who
is miraculously teleported here, battle-ready.

He sics Saber on Rider, while he opts to confront
Shinji himself.

Breaking shinji's arm and strangling him,
he forces him to make Rider drop the killing

field, though Rider triggers her Noble Phantasm,
creating an opening for herself and Shinji

to escape from.
Shirou collapses and Rin brings him home,
heavily injured but mysteriously regenerating

and more importantly, successful in saving
everyone in the school.

Still, this is a wake-up call to Shirou never
to fight alone and to trust Saber by his side

going forward.
He chooses not to rest for long, as he knows
Shinji must be stopped as soon as possible,

and given how he can beat Shinji one on one
and Saber can beat Rider one on one, this

is their best chance, provided they strike
before Rider can use her Noble Phantasm again.

However, as they search, Rider sneak attacks
again, spurring another battle, and reveals

her Noble Phantasm to be the powerful gold-bridled
Pegasus of the grek hero Bellerophon.

To counter, Saber releases the wind seal on
her invisible sword, revealing it to be the

legendary gold sword, Caliburn, sword of the
knightly King Arthur, and obliterates Rider,

whose true identity was Medusa, in a single
swing with her Noble Phantasm, Excalibur.

Shinji, who was hiding nearby, panics and
flees as his Command Seals burn away, removing

him from this contest, but Saber collapses
after this, so Shirou lets Shinji go as he

carries Saber home.
Rin reveals Saber has expended a tremendous
amount of magical energy, and unless her supply

is refilled, she'll disappear on her own.
Normally the Master supplies the Servant energy,
but Shirou hasn't been able to do that so

As he rests that night, he has a dream about
Saber in her previous life as Artoria, nothing

how her sword wielded then was different than
that of hers now somehow.

As he steps out to think on how to restore
energy to Saber, he passes by Archer, who

says he's finished his recovery, and later
when he's alone Shirou's kidnapped by Ilya,

who's been observing and knows Saber is weakened

Binding him and taking him to her castle outside
of town, Ilya reveals she has taken a strong

liking to Shirou and won't kill him like the
other Masters, provided he devote himself

to her.
Shirou refuses, even when she admits she killed
Shinji after he fled from losing to Shirou.

She leaves now to go kill Rin and Saber, and
leaves Shirou alone.

Shirou manages to break his bonds and is about
to escape when Saber, Archer, and Rin come

in to rescue him, having waited for Ilya and
Berserker to leave and following Saber's link

to Shirou.
However, they're shocked when Ilya is actually
still there waiting for them, only having

pretended to leave.
Rin quietly asks Archer to hold Berserker
off until they can escape, and then escape

himself, and a confident Archer believes he
can do even more than that despite how one

sided the fight looks.
As they escape, they stop in a hidden ruin
Archer uncovered earlier, and wait inside

for him.
However, after an hour, Rin suddenly feels
a bit of pain on her command seal, confirming

that despite her orders and his confidence,
Archer has been killed by Berserker.

She now figures that it'll be a matter of
time before Ilya and Berserker catch them

now, so its important they not only fix Saber,
but also defeat Berserker tonight.

She mentions there is one method they can
use to restore Saber's magic energy, since

Shirou cannot naturally share his spiritually,
and that is for Shirou to physically give

her magical energy though sex.
As Rin assists them in this necessary intimate
threesome ritual, Ilya is slowed by Berserker

who must now stop and heal his wounds.
Before falling, Archer delivered 6 fatal wounds
to the Servant, and would have won had it

not been Hercules he was fighting.
Still, she moves out with him barely recovered,
as Shirou and the others formulate an ambush

plan now that Saber has more energy.
Shirou himself plans to fight supportively
as well, crafting a bow with his improving

magic, as he's decent with archery.
As Ilya crashes in to kill them, their fight
is still a desparate struggle, as Saber has

enough energy to fight, but not enough to
use her Noble Phantasm.

Even Rin's sneak attack manages to kill Berserker,
but Ilya proudly declares Berserker cannot

actually die until he's killed 12 times, as
his body itself is his Noble Phantasm God

Shirou's arrows are useless, but instead,
as himself, Saber, and Rin are at death's

door, he imagines a more powerful weapon,
Saber's Caliburn, at its maximum capacity,

and to everyone's surprise, an imitation materializes
in his hand.

However, even though its a fake, its still
powerful enough to cleanly slice off one of

Berserker's arms before dissolving into nothingness.
Wielding his new skill of Projection, he forges
an even stronger version of Caliburn, and

alongside Saber, their combined power strikes
through Berserker with a blow so powerful

it kills him seven-times over.
Slumping down, Berserker's sanity comes back
long enough for him to recognize the strength

of the pair, as he dissolves away forever.
Stunned, Ilya cannot believe her servant is
dead, but Shirou insists they spare her life

as they all escape the forest together.
The next morning, Rin reminds them that all
they have now to worry about is Caster, Lancer

and Assassin, and after Berserker, they shouldn't
be too hard, though she and Saber both disapprove

of Shirou's choice to spare Ilya and even
offer her sanctuary in his home.

As time passes and Shirou continues his training,
everyone begins to accept Ilya more as she

too grows fond of Shirou and wants him to

Rin also notes Shirou's stunt of projection
magic should have blown out multiple nerves,

but is troubled on how strong an alien his
regenerative abilities are.

She also notes she can't help him with his
projection magic since she doesn't know it,

and its frankly unheard of to be able to reproduce
a Noble Phantasm like he did and survive,

though it likely reveals he has an natural
affinity for swords and should master that.

She also mentions she'll stick around here
with him and will still fight, suggesting

they move their attention to the strange magical
energies around Ryudou Temple.

As the air between Saber and Shirou is a lot
more personal since that night, Shirou begins

to wonder what he can do to make Saber happy,
since he knows the tale of king Arthur ends

in misery.
When he asks her directly what her wish is,
Saber reveals she's not a true Servant summoned

by the Holy Grail, but instead asked to become
a Servant in order to obtain the Holy Grail.

Rather, the deal is she will be a servant
until she gets her wish which is for King

Arthur to obtain the Grail while still alive.
In order to make this happen, time has stopped
for her at her moment of death, and she is

essentially immortal until that goal is met.
Hence why she can be summoned to multiple
battlefields, like the last Grail War.

She also notes she is actually not a spirit
but alive since she is merely frozen in time,

and never technically died.
However, her wish is for her own existence
to be removed so that she never pulled the

sword from the stone, as she beleives her
failure means there is likely a better candidate

than her who should have been selected as

After this wish is granted, she will die but
become a heroic spirit, again, and able to

be summoned to fight again anyway.
Shirou rejects such a wish, but is interrupted
as they are suddenly surrounded by Caster

and her army of golems.
Though weak, they are numerous, and as they
move outside, they see Caster is by herself

with no master.
She confesses she killed her master and survives
by consuming souls, and will still obtain

the holy grail for herself.
She also reveals Assassin has been defeated,
and wishes to speak with Saber.

However, a man in gold armor suddenly appears
and defeats the entire golem army by himself.

Summoning a hail of weapons, each one as unique
and powerful as a Noble Phantasm itself, he

obliterates Caster easily, and turns to Saber,
apparantly familiar with her.

Saber is surprised too, asking why the man,
also named Archer, is still in this world.

He asks her to think on the decision he made
10 years ago, and then leaps away, sparing

the group.
As the group collects their thoughts, Rin
is again amazed at Shirou's healing ability,

and asks Saber about it.
Saber herself doesn't have phenomenal self-healing
to that degree either, but when she stops

to think about it, she suddenly freezes with
an epiphany she keeps to herself.

Moving on, Rin deduces from what Saber has
explained that this Archer is the winner who

beat Saber in the last grail war and has somehow
survived to this day.

However, he seemed to have a legion of Noble
Phantasms, so it seems impossible to determine

his real identity.
Saber mentions Archer also proposed marriage
to her in the last war, but she declined him

then like she still does now.
She then suggests Archer may still be around
because no one got the grail in the last war.

In fact, it turns out Shirou's adoptive father
Kiritsugu was Saber's master in the last war,

and betrayed everyone by commanding her to
destroy the grail.

In fact, Shirou's father was a stone-cold
killer caring little about anyone but his

own objectives, much to the contrast of Shirou's
own memories.

Still, even though she destroyed the holy
grail, it must still be around because there

is still a war with servants present.
After everyone goes to sleep, Shirou thinks
to speak to the other person he knows of who

fought in the last war, Kirei the priest,
and heads back to the church.

After talking, Shirou learns there is a way
to save Saber from herself and her fate as

a servant and that is by gaining a second
life from drinking the water of the holy grail.

He says that there is a holy grail as its
only a vessel, and if it ever goes away, then

the preparer will prepare another one.
He then explains the original holy grail exists
in utopia, its not a cup that received the

blood of god.
Three magic families, Einzbern, Makiri, and
Tohsaka spent generations researching how

to reproduce it, and succeeeded in doing so
200 years ago.

That was the first Holy Grail War, which is
a ritual to summon the real Holy grail to

the artificial one.
The Tohsakas provided the land and the summoning
system of servants, the Makiri, later known

as the Matou family, provided the command
spell to bind the servants, and the Einzberns

provided the vessel for the Holy Grail to
dwell in.

When Kiritsugu betrayed the Einzberns in the
last war, they threw down their best trump

card, and Ilya, their current descendant,
likely has the Holy Grail.

When Shirou mentions Archer from the last
war still lingering, Kirei is puzzled and

tells him he will investigate that on his

As he leaves, Shirou admits to himself he
likes Saber too much, and firmly decides to

take her out on a date the next day.
He indeed convinces her to go out with him,
and while Shirou tries to make her a litle

happy and persuade her to stay, Saber still
doesn't budge from her self-sacrificial mission.

As they walk home, Archer interrupts them,
still claiming Saber is his, and crushes Shirou

to the edge of death, careful not to kill
him early else Saber would disappear.

She arms herself and attacks the man, who
dons his own armor and allows Saber to fight

Shirou can see Saber is much better at swordplay
than Archer, however, the man then calls on

his noble phantasm, Gate of Babylon, and like
before, a countless number of legendary weapons

pour forth at his disposal.
Shirou thinks about how one man can have all
the legendary weapons in his lifetime, but

then an idea sparks.
If the weapons were his like he claims before
they became legend through someone else, then

its still possible he can have all the weapons.
The man agrees with Shirou, explaining that
he comes from an ancient time when the world

was one and he was a king who had a perfect
collection of every treasure in the world

till the time he died.
After his death, contents of his treasury
spread throughout the world, eventually becoming

Noble Phantasms, yet it's still true they
all once belonged to him, mankind's oldest

king of heroes and original legend, Gilgamesh.
Undeterred, Saber prepares to use Excalibur,
which prompts Gilgamesh to produce his own

original, personal weapon, Ea, to match.
Saber unleashes her Noble Phantasm, only for
her to be easily overwhlemed and blown away

by Gilgamesh.
With Saber defeated, a broken Shirou forces
himself to stand up and produce yet again

his own duplicate Caliburn, but this time,
the copy is so good, it even retains the will

and memory of the original, able to counter
Gilgamesh's blows on its own.

Gilgamesh explains that the sword Shirou has
is actually a copy of Caliburn, the sword

in the stone, and the model it's based on
is Merodach, the sword of selection, which

Gilgamesh produces now.
Cutting Shirou down easily, Gilgamesh moves
to pick up Saber, but again Shirou stands,

declaring his love for Saber, and refusal
to back down.

Producing Caliburn once more, Saber now joins
him and together like with Berserker, they

slash into Gilgamesh, cutting through his
armor and slashing his face.

Enraged at the light wound, Gilgamesh chooses
to retreat for now to the surprise of Shirou,

and again to his surprise, his body begins
regenerating his overwhelmingly fatal wounds.

Saber is pleased, as she finally understands
now, that the missing sheath to her sword

that would have rendered her nigh-invulnerable,
was actually inside Shirou this whole time,

and that is what has helped him through this

That night, Saber overlooks Shirou as he recovers
his energy, and Shirou doubles down on his

declaration of love for her, embracing her
and kissing her, and Saber doesn't resist

Instead, she accepts him and the two make
love that night, restoring Saber's magic energy

in the process.
The next day, Shirou struggles to think of
a counter to Gilgamesh, and thinks to ask

Kirei about him.
In the church, he doesn't find the priest,
but instead stumbles into a ghastly room full

of corpses barely kept alive but mutilated
and used for siphoning off magical energy.

Eerily, he is greeted cheerfully by Kirei
down here, exposing to Shirou that under his

cold exterior is an unfeeling maniac.
He reveals all the bodies here are the living
remains of the people laid waste in the massive

fire ten years ago that almost killed Shirou,
and had Shirou not been adopted, he would

be one of the orphaned bodies here too.
He explains these are living batteries for
the Servant he was keeping alive for ten years,

and he no longer needs them since Shirou and
his Servant will be killed soon.

At this time, Shirou is impaled from behind,
and Kirei reveals he is the Master for Lancer.

Elsewhere, Saber and Rin wonder where Shirou
is, as Rin has not only figured out what Ilya

actually is, but also that Lancer's original
Master was killed even before she encountered

him at the school, so someone else is controlling

Saber explains Masters who still have their
Command Seals and Servants after the Holy

Grail disappear are still Masters, and that
can only mean that Kirei, the only surviving

Master from the last war, is more than likely
the lurking Master hiding in plain sight.

Saber then gets the mental alam that Shirou's
life is in danger and he's in the church,

so she wastes no time dashing there.
It appears that fatally wounding Shirou is
bait for Saber coming here, and Kirei leaves

Shirou for dead.
As Saber kicks down the doors ready for battle,
Lancer is there, ready to fight Saber, as

Kirei explains the Holy Grail can be called
forth at full power when there is only one

Servamt left and the rest have been killed,
though it can still be summoned incompletely

and still grant most wishes.
Lancer questions this, as he was told like
all servants that the Holy grail with not

appear until there is only one Servant left,
and Kirei points out that is true for the

Grail itself, not the vessel prepared to receive

The vessel will continue to receive power
as each Servant falls until there is one Servant

left and the Grail is summoned.
This is verified by Saber, as both she and
archer survived the last war and the grail

still appeared.
Dangling a dying Shirou in front of Saber,
he asks Shirou what he really wants the Grail

for, tempting him with the opportunity to
redo the great fire from 10 years ago and

live a normal life However, even with his
dying breath, and the dozens of dying people

he couldn't save, Shirou defiantly states
he doesn't beleive the path he's on is the

wrong one, and he cannot stray from it for
the people he's left behind.

Saber's shaken, as her circumstances are so
similar to his yet she is betting everything

to get the grail and reverse the fate of the
people she could not save in the past.

Shirou's conviction gives her pause, and Kirei
confronts that, telling Saber that if she

kills Shirou, he will simply give her the
Holy Grail.

He reminds her Shirou is dying anyway so it
would be a mercy, and this is exactly why

she became a Servant so its a win-win for

As she reflects, she realizes her longtime
conviction was to be a king that always fought

for her country, even if it meant losing everything,
and was not to make everyone happy, and to

that end, even though she did lose everything,
it was not in a way that violated her oath

as king or pride as a knight, so really, she
had everything she wanted.

Her mind made up, she points her sword at
Kirei, explaining she will not kill shirou

to obtain the grail, and instead reaches for

His regeneration kicks in now, healing him
quickly, and Kirei now admits he must now

kill Shirou in order for his own wish to be

Saber demands to know where the vessel for
the grail is, and Kirei is shocked they of

all people don't know since they the ones
hiding it, and Gilgamesh now enters the scene,

shocking everyone.
As it turns out, Archer was also Kirei's Servant
in the last war, which bothers Lancer as it

exposes Kireai's deceit to him.
Even though Kirei was defeated by Kiritsugu,
Kirei touched an incomplete Holy Grail and

wished for a diversion to split up Saber and
Shirou's father, causing the massive fire

that ruined so many lives, including Shirou's.
He explains the grail is only full of darkness
and curses, and when Saber destroyed the vessel,

it spilled onto Archer, thus corrupting him
into the manner of today.

The grail is pure power granting the result
of the wish, not ensuring the means, so whatever

you wish for will be granted through destruction.
This breaks Saber's image of what the Grail
was, and Kirei laughs, satisfied at the entertainment,

and leaves Lancer and Gilgamesh to deal with
Saber and Shirou.

Saber grabs Shirou and rushes past the Servants,
and surprisingly, Lancer feigns attacking

them to instead attacking Gilgamesh, who parries.
Lancer declares he won't follow Kirei's orders,
but its for himself, not to help Saber.

Gilgamesh turns to deal with Lancer's betrayal,
as they both let Saber go, explaining he was

going to kill Lancer anyway, as only one more
servant needs to die for the Grail to appear,

and he wasn't going to kill Saber.
Outside, Saber restores magical energy to
the sheath in Shirou's body, explaining he'll

now heal up in a few hours, and reveals the
missing sheath to the sword Excalibur is actually

within Shirou now.
While its disappearance is why king arthur
died, its also why Shirou has miraculously

survived this whole time.
Possesing this relic is also why Saber was
summoned specifically to Shirou, and it was

likely a gift from Kiritsugu, who used it
to summon Saber in the last war.

Rin's injection of magical power is also how
the sheath activated and saved him from Lancer

initially, too.
Now, with the enemy clear before them, Shirou
announces his intention to destroy the Holy

Grail, and Saber agrees with him, now accepting
that Kiritsugu didn't betray her as he knew

she didn't need the grail either.
However, when they return home, they are horrified
to find Rin crumpled over in blood, a victim

of Kirei's sneak attack before they knew he
was the enemy.

She explains Kirei took Ilya who was the vessel
for the Holy Grail.

More specifically, her heart is, for as it
turns out, magi are people born with Magic

Circuits, but Ilya was a human made from a
Magic Circuit.

She also tells him Kirei would be heading
to Ryudo Temple, as that's the best place

to summon the Holy Grail.
She then gives him her personal magic dagger
Azoth to defeat Kirei with, as Kirei literally

backstabbed her father with this dagger, and
falls asleep, wounded but still alive.

As she rests, Shirou prepares a strategy for
the final battle, starting with returning

the sheath keeping him alive to its proper

As they make their final preparations, they
approach Ryudo Temple, seeing the dense convergence

of mana and figuring Lancer must have fallen
to Gilgamesh.

By this time, Shirou's swordsmanship has grown
through daily training and real combat to

the point of almost equalling his teacher,

As such, Shirou states their plan of only
having to defeat one of the pair, either Kirei

or Gilgamesh, so she'll go all out on Gilgamesh
and he'll take on Kirei.

Gilgamesh is there to greet them first, as
the Holy Grail has now revealed itself, and

dismisses Shirou to see Kirei waiting for
him around the back.

Stepping into the altar prepared by Kirei,
Shirou sees Ilya strung up as the vessel for

the Holy Grail.
The black mud that is the contents of the
grail has a mind of its own and attacks Shirou

with whip-like tentacles the moment he gets

As shirou struggles to approach Kirei, Kirei
explains he is the most fit to receive the

grail since he loves humans the most, relishing
the entertainment they provide especially

when they struggle or suffer, and he'll especially
enjoy getting his revenge on Kiritsugu's son.

As both pairs clash, Shirou is overwhlemed
but driven, as Kirei reveals how he also killed

Kiritsugu with this cursed black mud too and
invokes the name Angra Mainyu.

A blinding light erupts, that is noticed even
by Saber, who is losing badly to Gilgamesh,

even with her sheath.
Gilgamesh explains the light was a great curse
from the Grail itself, said to be able to

curse everything in the world.
With Saber totally beaten, he intends to marry
her and keep her in this world by injesting

some of the black mud like he had, though
Saber realizes while indeed a little insane,

the only reason Giglamesh did not get totally
overtaken by the black mud of the grail is

because of his enormous ego.
However, as she refuses, his killer instinct
comes out and he chooses to end Saber, with

a blast from his noble phantasm.
Saber counters with her own Caliburn, and
while Excalibur cannot beat Ea in a clash,

Saber pulls out her trump card, the sheath
Avalon, and uses its ultimate magic protection

to reflect the blast of Ea back unto Gilgamesh,
followed through with her own Excalibur, blowing

away the hero king and defeating him totally.
Meanwhile, Kirei is impressed Shirou has the
willpower to stay alive and sane in the black

mud, and in defiance, Shirou projects a perfect
copy of the sheath he's had in his body almost

his whole life, his trump card.
Avalon immediately repels the evil curses
binding him, and in the moment Kirei is dumbfounded

at this turnabout, Shirou dashes at him with
the dagger from Rin and drives it into the

false priest.
Triggering Rin's stored magic in the Azoth
blade, the weapon explodes within Kirei, defeating

the master at the same time his servant is
defeated outside.

As Shirou and Saber are the true victors in
this Holy Grail war, Shirou frees Ilya, and

he is approached by Saber who informs him
she'll destroy the Grail now, but as a Servant

she cannot do so until Shirou burns his last
Command Spell to make her do so.

Shirou loves her, but still knows that she
needs to do this herself so she can end the

contract with the Grail and die as a king,
not a servant.

Giving the order, Saber destroys the Holy
Grail in one fell swing, clearing away the

malicious relic completely.
As they watch the sun rise together, she turns
to Shirou and confesses how she also loves

him too, right before she disappears in the
next instant.

As two months now pass and life returns to
normal for Shirou, Ilya has now joined his

normal house routine as she comepetes with
Sakura for Shirou's favor.

He still goes to school alongside Rin, who
notes how oddly composed Shirou is for losing

his love Saber.
She then realizes he has come to peace with
his heart, and for herself, is happy with

Moving forward to a new day, Shirou looks
ahead, not soon to forget the memory of Saber.

Elsewhere, King Arthur is victorious in the
tragic retaking of the country that destroyed

Wounded and dying, she asks her knight Bedivere
to take her sword and return it to the lady

of the lake, as her adventures so far still
sit with her like a dream.

Satsified and without regret, Artoria, King
of knights, dies a legend to be spoken of

in ages to come.
Fate/stay night has enjoyed the success of
selling over 250 thousand copies worldwide.

This RECAPitation was chosen by Souvereign.
Thanks a lot for supporting the show as a
patron, though sorry I couldn't get to all

of the routes in one video.
If you would like to support the show yourself,
please follow the patreon link in the description

Thanks for Watching and I'll see you on the
next battlefield.

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What happened in Fate/Stay Night [Fate]? (RECAPitation)

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楊昕庭 published on February 13, 2018
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