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  • Family sleepover.

  • Isn't this fun?

  • It's even better than a hotel.

  • We've got sleeping bags and some free floor French fries.

  • Free floor ketchup.

  • That's blood.

  • And what if I told you there's also a man looking

  • at us through the window.

  • Even better.

  • Oh, my god.

  • It's Mr. Fischoeder.

  • Hi, Mr. Fischoeder.

  • Hi, Bob.

  • Uh, if you're here for the rent,

  • we don't have the checkbook down here.

  • We also don't have the actual money in the bank.

  • Bob, It's OK.

  • I was not here for that.

  • I was just on my way to a brothel, brothalyzer showcase.

  • They're showing off this new thing to test

  • how much broth you've drunk.

  • Well, that's--

  • And anyway, and I saw you here in your pajamas.

  • And I thought, well, what the hell is that?

  • Well, we lost an egg upstairs.

  • Lost an egg upstairs.

  • Is that an expression that blue collar people use, or--

  • No, we hid the Easter eggs.

  • And we can't find one of them.

  • And it really smells up there.

  • Oh, dear.

  • Well, I hope we don't have to burn the whole building

  • down because of the smell.

  • [gasps]

  • Well, that doesn't really happen.

  • Oh, yes, it does, Bob.

  • Once certain smells set into a place,

  • you simply can't get them out.

  • Maybe a hamster gets lost, or grandma

  • dies on a hot day in August with a plate of potato

  • salad on her lap, say.

  • And-- and rotten eggs, well, they're the worst.

  • Landlords call them fire starters.

  • I'll try to remember to give you a heads up before my friend

  • Arson Daly stops by.

  • Uh, we-- we're going to find the egg.

  • Yeah, we're going to find.

  • It's just hidden really well because I hid it.

  • I-- I probably hid it.

  • - No. - I did.

  • No, me.

  • So one of you hid it, but neither of you

  • knows where it is?

  • We had some schnapps.

  • Quite a bit.

  • Oh, why didn't you say so?

  • I lost the year 1996 to schnapps.

  • I still don't know what the Macarena is.

  • But d-d-don't tell me.

  • I'll figure it out.

  • We have to find that egg.

Family sleepover.

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Mr. Fischoeder Intrudes On The Family's Sleepover | Season 7 Ep. 16 | BOB'S BURGERS

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    Jin Wang posted on 2018/02/13
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