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This could be a catastrophe for The Home and Family Felines.
They're going to have to step up their game if they're going to turn this around in the final seconds and bring home the championship.
Felines have the ball and it's Jason Pierre-Paul here.
But it looks like he has too left.
Pierre pause.
And it's Gron-Cat-Ski on the touchdown track.
But he's not getting very far with Puma Esiason on defense here.
Gron-Cat-Ski not giving up and now moving the ball down the twisted whisker touchdown track toward the end zone.
He's wide open, John.
No coverage around him at all.
He's on his way on the 20-yard line.
The defense is moving in slow motion.
Gron-Cat-Ski is now on the 10 with an assist here by Jason Pierre-Paul.
Mr. Slippers moving in on defense with 20 seconds left.
But is it too late, John?
Six seconds left and Gron-Cat-Ski...and it's a touchdown for a last-second come-from-behind victory.
I can't believe it.
Rob Gron-Cat-Ski with a heroic effort.
What a kitten!
The Home and Family Felines win and are your Kitten Bowl III champions.
What a game!
Home and Family Felines win.
These felines really work their tails off this season, and it's paid off for the Kitten Bowl III champion
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The Felines for the Championship _ Kitten Bowl III

2305 Folder Collection
Rong Chiang published on February 9, 2018    Rong Chiang translated    Stephanie reviewed
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