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  • I'll tell you something, I don't know about you,

  • but I feel like it is a great time to be a woman.

  • We are finally feeling the courage

  • to speak up against things that are wrong,

  • and after years of inequality,

  • it feels like things are starting to change.

  • And then I saw this headline, Doritos for her.

  • I'm sorry what?

  • All this time I've been eating man chips?

  • You heard about this right?

  • Everybody's heard about this?

  • Doritos is owned by Pepsi,

  • and their CEO said that women want a chip that's less crunchy.

  • Who doesn't want a crunchy chip?

  • That is, what woman doesn't want a crunchy chip?

  • Who's complaining about the...

  • If your chip isn't crunchy it's not a chip, it's a wet potato.

  • After Pepsi makes a chip that isn't crunchy

  • they're going to make a soda that's not wet.

  • That's their... they're really on it.

  • I don't know when this happened, like when,

  • I missed that march.

  • What do we want?

  • Quiet chips.

  • When do we want it?

  • Now.

  • The CEO says that women and men eat chips very differently.

  • They say that when men get to the bottom of a bag of chips,

  • they get all the little broken pieces,

  • and they put them in their mouth,

  • and then they lick their fingers with tremendous glee,

  • which is one of the reasons I don't have a husband.

  • And then, they said that she, this is the CEO,

  • says that women would love to pour the broken chips into their mouth

  • but they don't, and they don't know why.

  • Maybe we're not strong enough to lift the bag all the way.

  • I'm joking, it's because we're not animals,

  • and we respect ourselves, that's why.

  • That's why.

  • They're also saying that female version

  • is not gonna leave as much Dorito dust on your fingers,

  • and that it will be able to fit into a purse.

  • Hallelujah, this is what our grandmothers and our mothers

  • marched for.

  • This is what the pink hats are all about.

  • If they really want to make an adjustment,

  • they could just start by

  • filling the bag with more than half the chips.

  • It's all air.

  • There's not, it's all air.

  • Just fill the bag.

  • I think we're going after the wrong issue.

  • Women weren't wronged by Doritos.

  • They were wronged by a giant orange Cheeto.

  • That was slow but you got it.

  • You were like

  • There was a lot of backlash online about this,

  • and then the Pepsi corporation released a statement

  • saying they have decided not to come out with Lady Doritos.

  • So great, now we're not good enough to have our own chips.

  • It's just like them to promise us something and then

  • take it away from us.

I'll tell you something, I don't know about you,

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Ellen Won't Stay Quiet About Lady Doritos

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