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I really feel that exercise is so important in my day to day life because it really just
makes me feel better and makes me feel energized and so I try my best to schedule it 3-4 times
a week.
No matter what.
You know I have a super busy schedule, but I'm quite known for multi tasking.
Quite often I'll do pilates with a face mask on.
Even if it's just for twenty minutes, I find that that is so much more worthwhile than
doing nothing at all.
One of the first things I like to do in the morning is having a grapefruit.
I just love the way they smell.
Smelling it really just even helps with my nausea, because I'm pregnant.
This little guy has been one of my best friends.
Cut it in half and eat it with a spoon.
A little bit of raw sugar on top or coconut sugar.
Ahh there you go again.
Now if I have a little bit more time and energy, I will cut it up into pieces.
It's full of vitamin c and fiber and it's great for you if you're pregnant or if you're not.
I like to have avocado toast on gluten free bread.
I generally put a little bit of ghee.
Ghee is a great alternative to butter.
And supposedly better for you.
Omega fatty acids, vitamin k and your short-chain triglycerides.
Avocado, as we know, is also a great source of healthy fat.
I love avocado.
I eat at least one a day.
Good fats are just so healthy for your body.
I add a little pink Himalayan sea salt.
Sometimes I'll put a little fresh lemon on top as well or a little olive oil if I'm feeling
like I want a little bit of extra good fats.
Today I've scheduled kundalini yoga with Onkar.
I really love Kundalini yoga.
I really see it as a complete mind body spirit exercise.
Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness.
Not only is it asana, which are postures.
It's also breath, mantra, meditation and relaxation.
So you get all of those things in one.
With Kundalini yoga, it sometimes can be so challenging with the repetition.
You know your arms get tired and it's like you wouldn't even think that it was a tiring
exercise but when you're doing this for a certain number of minutes, it really teaches
you that endurance and that stamina that you need to kind of get through, not just everyday
challenges, but like especially child birth.
It's like it's mind over matter.
You know our mind thinks that we can't keep going but you actually can and that's what
keeps you going in life.
When times get tough, you keep up.
It's just good to know that our mind is like the most powerful thing and one of the most
powerful tools and if we can, through Kundalini yoga, you can really learn to, I guess take
control of the mind.
Like through some of the techniques and meditations.
For me, it just feels really expansive.
Kundalini yoga feels expansive.
Today what we're going to do, is we're going to do a couple different postures and we're
going to do some cat cow.
We're going to do some downward dog.
So with downward dog, they say when are you not supposed to do downward dog anymore when
you're pregnant?
I feel that pre natal yoga, is all about how you feel in the moment, so what you may normally
are used to doing, it may not feel right for you to do.
This is my little Kora organics noni glow skin food supplement and I'm having this in
the middle of the day just to give myself a little extra energy boost.
It contains noni, blueberry, acai, pomegranate, green tea, rosehips, chlorella, mangosteen
and elderberry flower.
What I do, sometimes I have it in a smoothie.
Lately I've just been enjoying having it with water.
Shake it up.
And I've been drinking noni juice since I was thirteen.
It's the key to my vitality and energy levels.
It really has helped me so much in my life and I really believe in having noni internally
and externally and the benefits of doing so.
I absolutely love it and it's tasty.
Now it's time for a little shop.
Let me take you to the grocery store.
I'm going to take you guys to the local grocery store down the road, which I love going to.
Going grocery shopping to me is like so much fun.
Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved grocery shopping.
Seeing all the fresh produce.
I love going to the farmer's market as well.
So now I'm just picking some local organic avocados.
I like getting local and organic produce, because the quicker it goes from the farm
to the table, the more nutrients there is.
I love fresh radishes.
USDA organic.
Cilantro, organic.
Some parsley.
Oh, golden beets.
Oh, smells so good.
I love my grapefruit.
I love the smell of citrus.
I'm really gravitating towards that at the moment.
Organic pumpkin seeds here.
Honey almonds.
I just love coming to the supermarket.
There's always something new to find.
Kale chips.
Cool ranch.
Because I'm pregnant, I like to snack a lot.
Snacking regularly when I'm pregnant helps me feel less nauseous.
Little seaweed snacks.
I do like a good snack.
So I really love goat milk because it's easy to digest.
Cows have multiple stomachs and goats only have one and so you can absorb the calcium
a lot better and I really just like the way it tastes.
It's delicious.
I always look for free range chicken as well.
You can really taste the difference.
So when I'm looking for eggs, I like that it's organic but I like free range.
Fresh farm eggs.
They're raised out in the pasture.
Oof, my basket's getting heavy here guys.
Ooh, this is a good old favorite.
Organic chocolate.
A little naughty but nice.
I mean, it's organic milk chocolate.
It does have sugar though but it is really tasty.
It's a little naughty.
Nom nom nom.
Alright, I think I got all I need.
See you later.
Ok so this is one of my favorite salads.
I like to use spinach and arugula.
There are so many more nutrients in spinach and arugula and I finely chop it.
I love radish.
Another one of my favorites.
Healthy, gives it that nice crunch.
Green beans.
Little parsley.
I'm just going to mix that up a little before I add the avocado.
Fresh lemon.
You can make it on the side if you want or put it directly on the salad.
Little bit of apple cider vinegar.
Little amino acids, which is an alternative to soy sauce.
I don't really measure.
I just do it to taste.
Little olive oil.
Pink Himalayan sea salt.
Mix that together.
Mmm, yeah.
Just pour that on your salad.
Just mix that around.
You add your avocado last.
Yummy salad.
And now we're going to grill some chicken to put on top of that.
Half a chicken breast.
Put it in between parchment paper and then just lightly pound it.
Careful of your fingers.
Add a little sea salt.
Once the pans hot, you then add your ghee.
Ooh listen to it sizzle.
It's quite thin, so it cooks quickly.
You just have to be careful.
Sometimes the ghee spits at you.
So you just got to watch out.
Cook at your own risk.
So I get to eat my lunch now.
So as you can see, I just put the salad on top of the chicken.
It's really simple, really easy.
I made this delicious drink, which is fresh lemon with a little mint and a little ginger
with sparkling water.
It's really refreshing.
Sorry guys, yours is next.
I love food.
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Miranda Kerr's Pregnancy Fitness and Food Plan | Little Black Book of Wellness | Harper's BAZAAR

476 Folder Collection
totoro published on February 6, 2018
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