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I like to wake up around 6 am
and do a morning meditation before my son wakes up
After I meditate, I dry body brush
It's such a great way to get the circulation going
and remove dead skin cells
I like to start with my feet and leg and work my way up
in quick gentle strokes
then it's time to shower
KORA Organics Body Wash
then I apply the body oil
and then the body balm
since I'm pregnant right now
It's important for me to use natural and organic products
that is safe for me and my baby
now for my morning skincare routine
KORA Organics Foaming Cleanser
Energizing Citrus Mist
and new KORA Organics Radiant Eye Oil
that I'm obsessed with
hydrating day and night cream
mixed with a few drops of the Noni Glow Face Oil
for make up I like to keep it simple
I use RMS Uncover Up in 22
Comb my eyelashes
and a little bit of Charlotte Tilbury Mascara
and my favorite Charlotte Tilbury lipstick
which is Amazing Grace
Time for breakfast
Today Sidney Yin is coming over
He use to be a monk in Korea
but now he does body healing massages
and incredible facial massage
The body is all the connection of the nervous system
so this is really helpful for all the muscle release
and also the circulation
and also just nerve is released
so that is nervous flow is influence to all the internal organs functions
and also create harness
so actually better skin
and better relax
and really good for rejuvenating the body
Feels good
I worked for him for years and he was even present during my son's Flynn's birth
Feels good
You headache will be really removed of it
Thank you
You can turn over for facial
The lifting massages
muscle release
seem like toxic effective
so it's really great for wrinkle free
and lifting, which we will need for your face
Indulging in a little massage is actually, for me is really beneficial, you know
just to get the circulation going
especially before or after a flight, you know?
oh yeah
The human body does not only have blood circulation
so all the water circulation too
so water circulation making all the body temperature balance and ph balance too
so it's very very important
but this is the first point
is coming from the bladder meridian
the longest merdian in the human body
so this stimulation would have lots of benefits of the skins and beauty of the health of both
Make sure your skin is lifted and circulated
Thank you
That feels so good
You're welcome
I feel like a new woman
Alright, I guess I better go to work
Before I go to bed, I use to KORA Organic Cream Cleanser
and double cleanse to ensure all my makeup is removed
I spritz my face with a balancing rose mist
apply the soothing moisturizer
Noni Glow Face Oil
and the radiant eye oil
That's it for me
Light off
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Miranda Kerr's Supermodel Skincare Secrets | Little Black Book of Wellness | Harper's BAZAAR

473 Folder Collection
totoro published on February 6, 2018
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