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Welcome to Hastings, Australia. It's a little different to the Sussex seaside town we know
but it is on the coast and there are fish here... We've been promised the chance to
hook a gummy shark by a rising hunting star in Australia, Dave Fent. His Aussie Hunting
Adventure series is about to hit the networks, so before he's priced out of the market and
becomes all lovey on us, his dad Cliff has offered up his boat for us to go shark fishing
with Dave.
Well basically today we have come out of the front of the western entrance and we have
got ... over here and the mainland back over here on the other side of us and we have come
out chasing gummy sharks and there are few ... getting around as well at the moment.
Can you be savaged by gummy sharks?
Well they could certainly tear your finger apart.
Oh they will, so they are not that gummy.
Not that gummy. We will see if we can get one for you.
The best chance of hooking a gummy, which Dave assures us are good eating, is during
slack water between tides. There is plenty of prep to be done to get us ready.
Just start loading on a few cubes and making a bit of a trial and the gummies and other
fish will pick up on this and start to come in.
In the meantime it's worth dangling the rod.
Our first nibble is a barracuda - one of the fastest fish in the water and I have always
wanted to catch one, armed with some serious teeth.
They are not great eating fish. Most people use them for bate or pop them back in the
water. They are very, very boney. By the time you have picked out a squillion bones it is
not worth eating.
What size do they go up to?
These things get up to a metre or so 1,200, quite a bit longer, quite a bit bigger, will
give you a good fight when they get to that sort of size.
Then I get a bite and it's my first ever barracuda.
First barracuda. I am not going to pick it up because I will get myself spined and scragged
... mackerel off Sussex, barracuda off Melbourne. Brilliant.
With he assures me a bit of time left before the gummy fest I ask Dave about his new TV
We are going to cater for the every day hunter. We are going to cover deer, foxes, rabbits
and goats. All the easy stuff and it is easily accessible to the Australian public.
That is the Aussie hunter's favourite sort of fayre is it?
Now alright. May be your show is on your shirt there Aussie Hunting Adventures TV series.
Yes that is right.
Stick that into Google.
Put it into Google have a bit of a look. Have a look at our website and our Facebook page.
We have got quite a few followers so far. It has been great.
Then something serious grabs one of the lines and Dave starts working it
Well basically we had a larger bait out for a gummy. A gummy has come up and he has grabbed
onto it and now he has taken off and he has taken some line. So what we will do now is
we will pick up the rod, we will tighten up the drag and then we will let him go a bit
and then we will strike him. What they tend to do sometimes they will turn around and
they will start swimming against the current sometimes they will swim around the front
of the boat. Click her off. See if we can get a bit of line back and find him and there
he is. We are in. He is a good fish I would say.
Then another bites. We seems to be bringing in anything but a gumster. This one is a Port
Jackson shark which looks a lot bigger in the water than it does on deck.
Now I hit a leopard shark which sounds a bit more like it.
Leopard shark - very, very fierce. This fish is almost as long as my hand.
But it makes a getaway once it spots me.
That was the best release ever.
Still no Gummy but Dave is still working what we hope is now not the ever present but the
elusive gummy.
Next up is a cuttlefish - then another leopard shark. This one looks a bit more impressive
on deck but we're all hoping Dave's biggun isn't going to disappoint. After an hour a
large shovel nose ray appears - it too gets a rush of blood when it gets close to the
boat and it's off.
There he goes.
So we have caught sharks, we've seen plenty of fish but not that der-dum moment. Nevertheless
it is a lovely way to relax before heading to the airport - and home to Britain and doesn't
a sunset over Hasting look pretty.
If you want to see a preview of Dave's programme follow the link on the screen.
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Fishing in Australia - baracouta and gummy sharks

3313 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on August 26, 2013
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