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-Thank you for having me back here, man.
-What do you mean? I love you.
-I couldn't look you in the face last time.
-Well, this -- -The first late night
I ever did was here,
and I was staring at my feet the entire time.
It is so surreal to come out here and there's like --
It's like having a normal conversation,
except there's like 100 people right here watching.
[ Laughter ] -Oh, that's great, yeah.
There's millions of people, actually, but anyways...
No big deal. -Oh, my God.
-It's all good. -All right.
[ Laughter ]
-Since you've been here, man, oh man,
you've just been sweeping it up, buddy.
We're so proud of you. I love you, man.
-Thank you, man. -You've got the --
-Thank you. -The Golden Globes.
You're in "Lady Bird." That won.
You're onstage. How did that feel?
Was it crazy? -That was -- Yeah, being onsta--
Like a lot of these things -- It's so weird.
I look out in the room, and it's all actors
and directors I've admired for a long time,
and then sometimes, like, my mouth is moving,
and I'm like, "Oh, they're listening to me right now."
-Yeah. -"This is totally surreal.
This is so strange." -Doesn't make sense, right?
-I'm talking to Jimmy Fallon right now, so...
-No, please.
The people in your category, right?
Gary Oldman, who won. He's Gary Oldman.
Denzel Washington,
Daniel Day-Lewis, and Tom Hanks, and you.
-Yeah. And little old me!
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Yeah, that's the best!
-And you know what's crazy is... -That's the best!
-...that category is so insane.
I was just honored to be there, truly, truly.
-Yeah. -And then as soon as
somebody else is -- as soon as somebody else wins,
you kind of go, "Wait. I wanted to win."
[ Laughter ]
And it's, like, all legends, right?
I'm just happy to be there. -I mean, legends!
-And yet, for like a minute, you're like, "Wait a second."
-"Hey, actually, come on, man," yeah.
-But anyway, no, it's all good.
You went with your sister, yeah? -Went with my sister, yeah.
-That's cool. That would be a fun time, right?
-No, it was great. Yeah, I mean, I heard
the Globes were like a party,
like, people actually have a good time there, so...
If I went with my mom -- All love to mom.
[ Laughter ]
She's probably definitely watching this but, uh...
-Yeah, all love to mom, but you went with your sister, yeah.
And did she have a good time? -Yeah, she had a great time.
We got to talk to Angelina Jolie
and talk to Jennifer Aniston right after, and I was like,
"Oh, my God!" [ Laughter ]
"Which side are we on?" [ Laughter and applause ]
Hey, man, look. I'm not, like -- like, hob --
I'm not like hobnobbing with famous people.
It's like, "What the... is going on right now?"
No, I didn't say it! I didn't say it.
-I know, you didn't even say it.
You didn't have to say it. Yeah, yeah.
-Okay. -I love that you're enjoying
yourself and having fun at these events.
-Dude, I'm loving it. Like...I'm loving it!
I feel like I'm living a form of the dream, so...
-Last time, we talked -- 'Cause you've been doing
all these press events for the movie,
and you're just kind of getting used to doing these events.
And you did a Q&A...
Do you know what I'm talking about?
-Oh, dude, that was devastating, man.
-Oh come on, no, no. You have to laugh at this, man.
-No, it's tough, man. Look, like --
-Just explain what happened, 'cause you're the best.
-All right, I was at the New York Film Festival.
You know, this is my hometown. I was so happy to be here.
And there was a Q&A after the movie.
It's well-received, and I'm sitting in the chair
for the Q&A, and then a gravitational force
comes out of nowhere and knocks me out of the chair,
and I fall back --
-That's not what happened at all.
-I -- I don't know --
Dude, I don't know how else to describe it.
-You were sitting in a chair, and I think you were, like,
leaning back or, like, rocking, and then you just went, like --
ga-doosh! -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Just like -- But I will say --
-Dude, let me -- let me say, there was a girl in the audience
that I was, like, super-psyched for her.
I need to say this to you before I say this to anybody.
There was a girl in the audience that night
I was super-psyched was there.
And then that happened. [ Laughter ]
I was like --
-Well, hopefully, she's not watching tonight,
'cause I have a clip of that exact Q&A.
-What?! -Yeah, here we go.
Check this out.
-Whoa! [ Laughter ]
-Oh, yes! That is solid!
Nice recovery. -Look at that recovery.
-Nice recovery!
-Dude, it's all about the recovery.
-It's all about the recovery.
-So, let's say I was sitting in this chair right now,
and I was, "Whoa!" [ Laughter ]
-No, it's all about recovery. -Yeah!
-Yes, when you get up.
When you get up, we call it a recovery.
"Call Me By Your Name" -- we talked about that film
last time you were here. It is just fantastic.
It's on everyone's top lists.
You, Armie Hammer, who were like --
Dude, did you meet before, or did you audition together?
-Nope, we met -- we met there.
It was the random luck of the universe.
-In Italy? -In Italy.
In Northern Italy, yes. No complaints.
-Yeah, exactly. It's a gorgeous place.
Oh, my gosh. -Awesome.
-Beautiful. I want to vacation there, yeah.
-You should. -I would never.
But it sounds great. [ Laughter ]
So just met him there, and you go, "Okay.
Hey, dude, we're gonna have to really get to know each other."
-Yeah, that was exactly it.
I mean, yeah, we had one rehearsal
that was like a nice ice breaker, and, you know,
I don't have to tell the whole story, but...
-Yeah, exactly. [ Laughter ]
Yeah, yeah, you'll see. -Yeah, you know...
-That's my brother now. That's, like, really, like --
We had the National Board of Review Awards last night.
And then I was, like --
He's in bed with his wife last night --
I'm in his hotel room -- and I don't know what gave me,
like, free license to like -- I was like, "Ah,
I'm gonna get in there with you guys!"
[ Laughter ] -Why not?
-Seriously, those guys are like --
They're like family now. I swear to God.
-By the way, who plays your dad again?
-Michael Stuhlbarg. And this -- This man is like
one of the greatest actors working today,
and, you know, he doesn't make --
You know, this guy's a genius. -Yeah.
-He's a genius.
-You two together, that last five minutes of the movie.
I'm telling you guys, you just go, "Whew."
Like, "Whoa."
That was like two pros, like, going for it.
It was just -- It was just knockout, buddy.
-And, dude, thank you for highlighting
this movie on your show, man. Seriously, like, this is --
You gave me a weird look when I said that, but seriously --
Like, this is a small movie, you know?
There was no design that we'd get to be promoting it
on things like this. And it's important, man.
This is a love story that people need to see.
We live in a weird world right now.
This is an unabashedly, uncynical -- yeah, yeah --
I'm, like, pitching this movie. I don't know what I'm doing.
But, like, seriously, this is a great movie,
and, like, it's important to be seen.
So, for any and all that want to see it...
[ Cheers and applause ]
-It should. It should be seen.
You did a great job.
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Timothee Chalamet ( The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

556 Folder Collection
crystalyu published on February 6, 2018
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