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Everyone is watching the show, It is...
Thank you (applause)
I mean, it's a break-out hit!
And I know sometimes when you are shooting as an actor
you kind of in vacuum and you don't understand that
what's happening in the world.
When did you realize all of a sudden, the popularity?
Do you have a certain realization moment, or?
Well, I felt like there was definitely a really big moment for me.
like, a week ago, um, I don't have twitter,
but Lady Gaga tweeted at me, like
reposted an interview where I was fangirling
and wrote,'Katherine' with a love heart.
And I kind of freaked out a little bit.
And if anyone knows, yeah, if anyone knows Katherine like
before doing an interview, and I bring up the words
Lady Gaga, we have to take a minute and like, stop.
So I think those, those are big moments for her.
And what about you?
Well, for me, I mean, I go to Coachella every year
and um, for fun, and yeah, Coachella, right?
Um, but then I went last weekend, and it kind of
put into perspective just how many people are actually watching the show.
Um, at one point, when I was walking in front of the crowd
and I heard some people whispering, and someone was like
"Will there be a season 2?" and others were like, "I have no idea."
And then, and then, someone, when I was past them
when, "Clay!" Just one person, I turned around and I just waved,
and everybody screams, like, everybody screams.
And I just I didn't know what to...
I felt scared and ran away.
I didn't know what to... (laughter)
No one screams at you before?
No one scream at me before!
I mean, at least not for good reasons as I hope.
So, for the, like, to people watching that haven't seen the show or heard about it
tell everybody what's it about.
I play a seventeen-year-old girl called Hannah Baker,
who commits suicide and leaves a box of tapes
explaining the reasons why she did it.
And I think for the season, we follow
Clay Jenson, who Dylan plays, as he listens to the tapes.
and tries to come to terms with why she chose to do what she did.
Right, so each episode, you see more and more
things that became the perfect storm of what happens to this poor girl.
And I think it's amazing and I think
the reason it's resonating is, you know, most people
not just teenagers, but most people watching it, no matter how old you are
have experienced some type of that abuse, whatever it is.
And there're a lot of different things that happen.
And don't you feel like you are helping so many young people by putting...
I know there's a lot of controversies cause people say
there's a lot of heaviness in the show and there is heaviness.
But in high school right now, even in younger
kids are experienced this kind of bullying
and all the different things.
So you're doing the service to parents, to help them with
their kids to understanding this, don't you think?
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, the main goal, I think, overall
is just to start conversation that deserves to be had and to bring this issue to light.
and to show them in the real way
and when people are talking about it, it's just our goal.
cause these conversations people need to talk about this, so
What is it, season 2?
There is season 2, I hope, Yes? No?
We don't know yet.
You really don't?
No, We really don't, I felt like.
the world's gonna know before we do if it happen
I'll be online, and like, oh, there's a second season. I don't know.
Yeah, I hope there is, cause I mean.
it's silly not to, it's such a great show.
Um, you just recently turned 21 on Saturday, I believe?
So I have a... (applause) happy birthday!
Thank you, thanks!
I have a birthday gift for you.
Yeah, what?
Because you love Lady Gaga, I called her.
And she gave you... you're gonna go see her and go backstage to meet her
you have VIP passes.
Happy Birthday!
Thank you so much!
You're welcome
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'13 Reasons Why' Stars Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette's Talk Show Debut

1479 Folder Collection
Stephanie published on February 5, 2018    Kate Chang translated    Stephanie reviewed
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