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(Playing Small Small World on Piano)
(Drums and upbeat music takes over)
BUZZ: Alright you junior space rangers: Listen up!
Zerg is using the stolen battery cells to engerise his secret weapon...
(Upbeat music fades to reveal background theme park crowd hustle and Disney light music)
(Energetic dance music)
(Cheers and applause from audience)
(Cars roaring)
(Calm music)
You are a toy!!!
(Dramatic classical music)
(Country and western music)
(Upbeat Pop music)
BUZZ: Greetings! Sarge has assembled the green army men from parachute training
RC is charged and ready to race
And Slinky dog is standing by ready to chase his tail. Now get in there and have fun.
(French music)
(Dramatic classical music)
(Gentle guitar picking)
(Light classical music)
(Live rock music)
(Gentle music)
(Rollercoaster roar and screams)
(Upbeat pop music)
(Funny pop music)
(Live country music)
(Live Rodeo music)
(Hundreds of people banging their cutlery)
(speaking in French)
(Cowboy music playing)
(Live jazz music)
(Audience applause)
(Live jazz music)
(Upbeat rock music)
(Gentle pop music)
(Screams in slow motion)
(Jazz music)
(Car horn)
(Steam noises)
(Train ringing its bell)
(Calm music)
(Inspirational music)
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4 Days at Disneyland Paris Ultimate Vlog, Disney Studios, Disney Village, with Dining

366 Folder Collection
luluuk published on February 5, 2018
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