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  • All right.

  • And so we're less than ten days away from one of the biggest events in the world,

  • my birthday.

  • And then,

  • Yeah.

  • And then two days after that is the Chinese New Year, which I'm told is very popular as well.

  • In celebration of the Chinese New Year, Panda Express has sponsored a new Heads Up deck,

  • and I'm gonna play with all of you right now.

  • And before we play, you should know the Panda Express is a restaurant,

  • not a train filled with panda bears.

  • All right.

  • Here's how we're gonna play.

  • There's gonna be a word that pops up on that screen that I won't see and

  • all of you have to act it out and I'm gonna guess what it is.

  • And if we can get ten in one minute,

  • you will officially be the best audience ever.

  • Yep.

  • You won't win anything but

  • you'll know when you leave today

  • We were the best audience ever.

  • Okay, stand up.

  • You're all loud when you stand up.

  • What's happening?

  • All right.

  • Ready?

  • Cutting hair, cutting hair.

  • Hair cut.

  • Chopsticks.

  • Drum, drummers.

  • Fireworks.

  • Cheering!

  • Cheering!

  • Yelling!

  • Woo!

  • Cheering!

  • Congratulations!

  • Hello!

  • Woo!

  • Hi, I don't know what that was.

  • Fortune Cookie!

  • Surprise, smile, happy.

  • Sipping tea, sipping,

  • It's a tiny baby.

  • You had a baby, a tiny baby.

  • But, it's a tumbler, twins.

  • Children.

  • Children. (applause)

  • Is that it?

  • Is that all ten?

  • Nine.

  • That's it. That's it.

  • Yeah, you got ten.

  • You're the best audience ever.

  • All right.

  • Ever, the best audience ever.

  • You can play the Chinese New Year deck at home.

  • Just download Heads Up in the app store today.

  • We will be right back.

All right.

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'Heads Up!': Chinese New Year Edition

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    Samuel posted on 2018/02/04
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