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  • *pew pew*

  • *pew pew*

  • Rowan!

  • Rowan!

  • Rowan!

  • Please help us!

  • Rowan! revive us!

  • I can't come and revive you, I can't!

  • Rowan we're gonna die!

  • The reason he hasn't killed you, is to try and bait me out!

  • Honestly, honestly, he might have been watching us for a while but would be bored now!

  • Please!

  • You're too exposed!

  • Stop being so selfish, and come help us!

  • No i'm not being selfish, because if I come out and revive you, we all die

  • Stop being so selfish Rowan, you just want to take all our stuff

  • I'm not being selfish!

  • Rowan we're gonna die! we're gonna die Rowan!

  • I guarantee you if I come out and try to revive you, then he'll kill me

  • Rowan stop being such a pussy! GOD DAMMIT!


  • *Multiple calls for help/anger*

  • FINE! Fine! here we go! Fine!

  • I'm gonna walk over to you

  • Quick i'm nearly dead! come to me first!

  • Quick

  • Revive you, here we go like this! and im starting

  • and now that i'm nice and still, he's going to shoot me!

  • See it's fine, he's gone!

  • *BANG*

  • One more Game?

  • One more game

  • ok, yeah, i'm ready

  • i'm ready lets do it!

  • Ready up!

  • *PUBG music*

*pew pew*

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A2 US rowan revive pew selfish pew pew gonna die

Sniper - PUBG Logic - VLDL (When your team needs you to revive them in Battlegrounds)

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    s95 posted on 2018/01/31
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