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Hey guys, it's your boy Henry here.
And first of all I like to thank everybody for their support on my last video,
it did so well that i thought I had to make more.
So right here, I like to announce that the Henry Prince Mak channel is officially open!
So I'm gonna be consoling and bringing my friends onto the show today.
I have is Jackson Wang he'll be in here shortly, so if you guys subscribe and give it a thumbs up,
I'll make sure that I give you guys some signed merchandise from Jackson as well
Hahaha. It's good deal, right?
So Jackson's coming in shortly. I haven't exactly thought what to do with him just yet.
I just know I want to shoot a YouTube video.
But I've been reading all the comments on my Instagram and my Twitter, and I did say
Challenges challenges challenges, so I thought yeah, that's a good idea.
Well. I don't exactly know what challenge to do just yet
What should we do?
Hey, do this!
- Good idea! - Bye, guys!
Bean boozled!
You're in trouble Jackson, you're in trouble.
- What is this about? Just don't don't... - Yes. I think you can see it, right? Do you know what this is?
Anyways, guys.
I'm Prince Mak and today I have with me is
What's good everybody. This is Jackson.
- What is this, man? - You're like staring over there.
- Trick-or-treat? - No, you haven't seen this? - What is this?
- Bean boozled. - What is this? - It's a game very very famous right now. - Yeah, in where?
In Australia?
Australia as well.
So we're gonna play scissors paper rock in Cantonese.
Rock paper scissors in American in Australia we call it scissors paper Rock.
- This is for what? - The jelly bean. - We have to eat this? - Yes. We eat it.
- Okay, let's do it. What, what, what do you want to play? (a Chinese game)
- Are you sure? - What do you want? - Just rock, paper, scissors (Korean)
And the winner gets to choose a color to eat and other person eat the other one all right?
- Ok, let's go. - Just start? - Scissors, paper, rock (Cantonese)
- Okay, I choose. - Okay. Well, I'll be there. I'll be in there right now
Alright, lets go!
First one here is ...
Is this one, yeah
- We're gonna go over this color. - How bad could it be? - This is either vomit or peach flavor.
Why would anybody make like the candy flavor...
vomit flavor?
- I Don't know. You're gonna ask these guys. - Why? I need to ask... - Ask these guys.
Come on, man. I know you're hungry.
You've been working all day today, right?
- I Thought I'm eating it. - We're both eating it.
I got peach flavor.
It's vomit?
Ok ok spit it out.
But it tastes just like... it tastes like...
Pizza. - I can taste like pizza.
Pizza after you vomit out? Or old pizza? New pizza? What flavor pizza?
It's actually not that bad. It's not like sh*t.
It's okay.
You're not gonna spit it out?
Are you sure?
I'm a man!
- All right, man. There's water over there if you want. - No. - No?
Man's not thirty. Thirsty. Thirty? What the hell.
Man's not thirsty.
Man's not hot and man's not thirsty.
Ready? Rock, paper, scissors (Korean)
- You choose one. - So there's no point of doing this. - Just choose who chooses first. - Okay.
This is dog food or chocolate.
- Is it me or you? - We both got it.
It's actually not that bad, but it... I wouldn't eat it.
- Maybe you got chocolate, I got dog food. - Your turn. No just pick any. - Just pick? - Yeah.
There's no point of doing this cause we're... we're gonna get it anyway
- It's luck. 50/50. - How about this?
Play scissors, paper, rock.
The loser eats 2.
- No, the loser eats... - Alright fine, just go, just go!
No, the loser eats 4.
Ok, finish this one, finish this one.
Okay, I choose this one
- Oh we don't know which flavor is which, man. - Wait, wait. Put it back, put it back!
- You can have that one. - Why do you pick...
- Oh it's the same... - You picked that one, you picked that one!
What is this? Let me see what this is. Don't eat it yet!
Don't eat it yet. This is either grass or lemon.
Why do I always get the...
- You know if my digestion, digestive system... - Oh wait it's grass!
Yours is grass?
Yo, if I, if I, if I go to hospital (Cantonese)
- No "go to hospital" for you, man. - If I go to hospital then you... I can't digest this... then... (Cantonese)
- ...Big trouble(Cantonese). Prince. - Don't be like that.(Cantonese)
That's toothpaste or berry blue.
Hey, it's crazy.
- Why you're such a rush? Toothpaste or berry blue. - Hey it's actually not that bad.
- It's like Colgate. - I also got a toothpaste one.
Are you gonna eat it all?
- We're gonna explain, man. is baby wipes. - I have no... no taste already.
- Baby wipes or coconut. - My mouth has no taste already.
It's gone.
- The ability to... - Oh, baby wipes. Go, choose another one, choose another one.
All three?
I can't taste anything.
Are you gonna cry?
Don't go, don't go!
- He spat it out, guys, he spat it out. - No cut it. - He said men don't spit it out.
Ok you not gonna spit it out?
- No it's ok. - Are you sure?
I'm a man!
Cut this video!
Is that... Thats what you want to do?
- You want one more round? - This game?
Alright, alright. Rock paper scissors (Korean) loser get a handful and puts it in his mouth for 10 seconds and thats it.
That's it. you spit it out. you can spit it out.
Can I sue this company? Can I please sue this company?
Wait, let me see the address.
Has it expired? No it has not
Ok ok, thats enough alright.
Can i start? Listen carefully. Listen carefully. (Cantonese game)
Chew! Chew! Chew! Chew! 10 seconds!
You wanna play this game
Prince you want to play this game. The moral of the story is...
- Don't play with me. - I'mma edit that out.
I'mma edit that out.
That was Bean Boozled. We kind of finished this.
- Thank you very much, Jackson. I got you a gift. - Wait, the loser eats the package. - Eats the box.
Approximately 10 hours later...
(Boys mumbling things)
(Ohh...touching...I like... Ok...Editor out.)
Two hours later...
The loser eats this.
Loser eats this.
Are you serious?
I want to thank you for playing this game, so I've got a gift for you.
A bigger packet of Bean Boozled.
Alright i'm joking there's actually something else.
Give me the prize.
- That's just the warmup. - Really? - That's just the warmup.
Wanna see more to make sure you subscribe for part 2
I'll be releasing another video later on this week where I'll be putting Jackson through a kpop test.
Yes. Do you think Jackson knows kpop? Or do you think I know kpop?
Hmm... and also if you subscribe and leave a comment below,
I'll make sure that one of you can autograph photo of Jackson.
It's your boy Henry, and I'm out
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Got7 Jackson HATES me after this! Jackson vs Prince Mak BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE!

4169 Folder Collection
Stephanie published on February 13, 2018    Stephanie translated    Rachel Kung reviewed
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