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When I was 15, my dad was wrestling in Nashville, Tennessee. I moved with him,
and when my mom finally arrived in Nashville,
she'd just driven all the way across country from California
and I knew that my parents were going through some really tough times in terms of their marriage.
And it was... it was... that was a tough day and I'll never forget it.
It was probably about one o'clock in the afternoon,
we were at a restaurant, three of us.
And they... they got into it...they got into a very big fight.
Not physical... but just really loud arguing.
And my dad had a car that time and so they got into that car.
My dad was driving, my mom was in the passenger seat,
and I get in the car that my mom just drove, the family car,
and I start driving, I already have my license at that time at 15.
And we're driving down I-65... I-65 was a major in a state that runs through Tennessee,
and I'm watching them right in front of me and their car starts swerving and I can
clearly see that they are arguing.
My old man makes a hard right and he gets on the shoulder and the gravel road.
My mom gets out of the car and when she got out of the car,
I'll never forget as she had a glazed look over her eyes and I had never seen before.
And she walked right into the middle of I-65 and continues to walk down into oncoming traffic.
And my heart stopped, horns were blowing and cars were swerving out the way.
18-wheelers were swerving out the way and I got out the car and I grabbed her
and wrestled her over to the side of the road.
I don't remember what I said to her. I remember she didn't say a thing.
And in that moment one of the greatest lessons I've ever learned was how precious life is
and how in an instant, it can all go away.
Change me.
The irony is my mom has no idea that it even happened.
That's the irony, that's also the beauty of it. She does not remember anything. Thank God.
'Cause maybe it's too traumatic to remember.
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The Terrifying Moment That Taught Dwayne Johnson How Precious Life Is | Oprah's Master Class | OWN

5711 Folder Collection
黃艾瑄 published on February 10, 2018    李依庭 translated    黃艾瑄 reviewed
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