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  • (lively music)

  • - [Narrator] This is Tango.

  • She's a yellow-headed Amazon and extremely intelligent,

  • personable and talkative parrot.

  • (faint squawking)

  • I think Tango is uncharacteristically quiet today.

  • (lively music)

  • (faint flapping)

  • Native to Mexico and Northwestern Central America,

  • adult yellow-headed Amazons are identified by,

  • you guessed it, their full yellow heads.

  • The rest of their body is green with some yellow

  • and red visible on the bend of their wings.

  • They make their homes in forests and wooded areas

  • and subsist on a diet of fruits, berries, nuts and seeds.

  • The yellow-headed Amazon

  • has been a prized pet parrot for centuries.

  • Lively, voluble birds; they can hold

  • an impressive vocabulary

  • which only contributes to their demand.

  • Although captive-bred yellow-headed Amazons

  • can be owned,

  • they continue to be poached illegally in the wild,

  • which is why they're endangered.

  • Over the past two decades only,

  • their numbers outside of captivity have plummeted

  • to a tenth of its former population,

  • making their situation precarious.

  • This is the yellow-headed Amazon.

  • (lively music)

  • (fluttering)

  • (techno tones)

(lively music)

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This Brightly-Colored Parrot is On the Brink of Extinction

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    Samuel posted on 2018/02/05
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