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  • How Twilight Should Have Ended

  • Ahhh, my hand!!

  • It's burning!

  • She's losing too much blood.

  • You have to choose.

  • Either you let the change happen or you suck the venom out...

  • You know I won't be able to stop.

  • Well I have an idea.

  • Why don't you just let her become a vampire?

  • Yes...

  • What? Ewww, no.

  • ughhhh, why not?

  • Because...

  • Is it because you're afraid of commitment?

  • No.

  • You afraid she's gonna play baseball better than you?

  • No.

  • Then what's the holdup?

  • Edward it's like you're a recovering drug addict

  • that's dating crack... it's never gonna work.

  • Ahhhh, it hurts so bad!

  • I don't want her to be a monster...

  • it's better if she just has a long happy life with me.

  • You better hold on tight, spider monkey.

  • Did you say something Ed--- AHHH!!!

  • That is so lame.

  • Not to mention, really gross.

  • Does anyone care what I have to say about all of this?


  • Don't talk, you're injured.

  • We only have moments left.

  • This is just stupid, what is she going to experience as a

  • human she can't as a veggie vampire anyway?

  • Oh I know, it's that guy because I can see the future.

  • Check out my bazillion ab muscles.

  • Phhh..

  • Like that's ever gonna happen..

  • Hey guys, just a heads up...

  • I think we might have set the building on fire.

  • There's no more time.

  • Edward, if this is what you want, then find the will to save her.

  • I'm gonna make the pain go away.

  • Too late!

  • I'm already a vampire.

  • Let's go eat some people! Wooo!!

  • But vampires they can't live in the sunlight..

  • Phh.. They do in my world.

  • Ughhhh...

  • I think I'm gonna be sick.

How Twilight Should Have Ended

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How Twilight Should Have Ended

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    Jin Wang posted on 2018/01/30
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