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How Twilight Should Have Ended
Ahhh, my hand!!
It's burning!
She's losing too much blood.
You have to choose.
Either you let the change happen or you suck the venom out...
You know I won't be able to stop.
Well I have an idea.
Why don't you just let her become a vampire?
What? Ewww, no.
ughhhh, why not?
Is it because you're afraid of commitment?
You afraid she's gonna play baseball better than you?
Then what's the holdup?
Edward it's like you're a recovering drug addict
that's dating crack... it's never gonna

Ahhhh, it hurts so bad!
I don't want her to be a monster...
it's better if she just has a long happy
life with me.

You better hold on tight, spider monkey.
Did you say something Ed--- AHHH!!!
That is so lame.
Not to mention, really gross.
Does anyone care what I have to say about all of this?
Don't talk, you're injured.
We only have moments left.
This is just stupid, what is she going to experience as a
human she can't as a veggie vampire anyway?
Oh I know, it's that guy because I
can see the future.

Check out my bazillion ab muscles.
Like that's ever gonna happen..
Hey guys, just a heads up...
I think we might have set the building on fire.
There's no more time.
Edward, if this is what you want, then find the will to save her.
I'm gonna make the pain go away.
Too late!
I'm already a vampire.
Let's go eat some people! Wooo!!
But vampires they can't live in the sunlight..
Phh.. They do in my world.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
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How Twilight Should Have Ended

811 Folder Collection
Jin Wang published on January 30, 2018
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