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  • If I told you about her,

  • the princess without voice,

  • what would I say?

  • Elisa, come on.

  • Elisa, hurry, hurry.

  • She deaf?

  • Mute, sir.

  • She can hear you.

  • You clean that lab, you get out.

  • This may very well be the most sensitive asset ever to be housed in this facility.

  • You may think that thing looks human.

  • Stands on two legs, right?

  • But, we're created in the lord's image.

  • You don't think that's what the lord look like, do you?

  • This creature is intelligent, capable of language, of understanding emotions.

  • This fall

  • When he looks at me, he doesn't know how I am incomplete.

  • He sees me as I am.

  • Experience a connection

  • Beyond words

  • The natives in the Amazon worshipped it like a god.

  • Get him out?

  • What are you talking about? No.

  • We need to take it apart, learn how it works.

  • I don't want that intricate beautiful thing destroyed.

  • We can do nothing.

  • I'm sorry.

  • Don't do this, Elisa.

  • What is he saying?

  • Don't do this!

  • Oh god, it's not even human.

  • If we do nothing,

  • neither are we.

  • If I told you about her,

  • what would I say?

  • I wonder.

If I told you about her,

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