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Where'd you get these kids?
They're all so cute.
This is craziness.
So apparently there are some uh kids questions for me.
So I'm gonna answer them right now.
Ehm. This is Audrey, who is 7.
Hi. My name is Audrey and I'm 7.
I love books and Belle loves books.
So what were your favorite books when your were little?
Well, actually. My dad used to read to me a lot of Roald Dahl.
I don't know if you've read any Roald Dahl, but he was one of my favorites.
I used to really like 'The Twits', I used to really like 'James and the giant peach'.
Really anything Roald Dahl
My dad read me all of the Harry Potter books
But specifically up to: one, two and three.
So my idea of all of the characters sounded and what their accents were, and what
Hermione should be like, was really from my dad reading me those books.
Those were very special to me. Okay.
Hi, emma. My name is Maddie and I am 7 years old,
and I want to know what is the best thing about playing Hermione Granger?
The best thing about playing Hermione Granger
is that she is smart and she is always in on the action.
And she gets to do cool stuff and do the best, coolest, most intricate magic
and she's just super strong and fierce and empowered and gets to do all the best stuff.
Okay. Amira.
Hi Belle. My name is Amira, I'm 5 years old
I just... I want to know how did you like the Beast?
How did I like the Beast? Okay.
You know, the Beast at first was A: pretty scary, and B: pretty rude.
So not very much in the beginning
but I could tell that he was kind of grouchy and mean
because he was really sad.
I think I could see that he was really sad, and
I sort of knew that he was good underneath.
Things got better.
Oh good. There is some boys.
Hi Emma. My name is Jacob,
and I wanted to know if there is a fight against Harry Potter and Darth Vader, who would be...*fight noises*
Harry Potter vs. Darth Vader
Harry Potter. Definitely.
You're gonna get so far in life, when you're cold, and dry, and mean.
It's just. You're not gonna win in the end,
you'll do fine, but you're not gonna win in the end.
Hello, my name is Hendrix and I am 9 years old.
My question is:
If...what is your favorite character in Beauty and the Beast?
And if you could be a different character, which would you be?
You know, this is difficult for me
because I love Belle, but I also do love Beast.
And I love Beast, because Beast is kind of this wounded person that
is redeemed, and I think that's really beautiful
and I really like Belle, because she is someone who stays true to herself
even when everything and everyone around her is telling her to think differently
and to be different. She wont let anything break her, she is who she is.
So, tough, tough pick between the two, I love them both.
If I could have any guests over, who would I pick?
Michelle Obama.
Just for a quick chat you know.
Just for a quick pep talk. That'll be great.
That was awesome, guys.
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Kids Ask Emma Watson About 'Beauty And The Beast', 'Harry Potter' & More! | Entertainment Weekly

498 Folder Collection
昱汝 published on January 25, 2018    莊采妮 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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