B1 Intermediate US 9294 Folder Collection
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- Hey. Remember how you wanted a kitten? - Yup.
- I went to the pet store today! - No way!
- Yup. I did. - Well, come on let's go! I want to see it!
- Hang on. Keep your collar on. - Huh?
-You wanted a girl? - Yup...
- A tabby. - Yup...That's right! Oh I can't believe you got me a cat! Where is she? Is she out here?
- Wait, wait...You didn't let me finish. - Okay?
- So I went into the pet store and I looked at the snakes. - Snakes? Oh, bleah. I'm going just go over...
- Well, I didn't get one... - Okay...
-No, no. Then I went and I took a look around, right? I looked at the guinea pigs. You know what guinea pigs are, right? - Yup...
- I looked at the mice. - Yup...
- Gerbils. - Yup...
- Parrots. - Yup...
- Newts. - Yup...
- Hamsters, kittens... - Oh, oh, that's it! That's...will you stop? 'Cause that's what you're gonna get me...
- And the hermit crabs! - Oh, come on!
- Can you calm down now? - You're better gettin' me a kitten or I'm gonna chew this couch's arms right off! I will!
- Oh you will? - Now tell me. What's going on?
- I went to the pet store. - Yeah?
- Saw the turtles. - Oh, come on!
[sound of kitten mewing]
What was that?
- Well, let me tell ya. - Yeah?
- You listening? - Yeah...
- I went to the pet store. - Yeah?
- There were shelter kittens, so I picked one up. - No way! You got me a cat! Woo hoo! What does she look like? What does she look like?
- Want to go see her? - Um, yes! Yeah! Let's go!
[sound of kitten mewing]
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Dog Wants a Kitty

9294 Folder Collection
Tina Hsu published on January 27, 2018    Tina Hsu translated    jenny reviewed
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