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I guess one of the things you guys are the most curious about is color.
How does it work for me? What is it?
I don't know.
So, being blind since birth, I've never seen color.
I don't have any concept of what it is.
I mean, I've never seen anything.
But there's this whole part of vocabulary, of language -
that doesn't mean anything to me.
Over the years, people have tried and tried to explain color to me,
and I just don't understand it.
I think the best way to show you, is to try and explain to someone who's never heard before,
what the ocean sounds like.
Or what the birds sound like.
And that's where color is for me.
'Cause somebody who's never heard, doesn't know what those thing are -
has no concept. None.
And people will try and explain a sense, with another sense.
It's like the way this smells, maybe, that's what a particular color...
So you're going to tell me you're going to explain what color looks like, by my nose?
That doesn't make any bloody sense at all.
So when somebody says something's red to me,
I don't quite get it.
I know that red is fire, or a stoplight is red.
Or when someone says you're in the red.
You know, that means you're in some trouble, like financial trouble.
Again, just stuff that I picked up from hearing about it.
But I don't know what it looks like.
Blue as the water is blue.
Cold, or ice is blue.
The sky is blue.
Now how can the sky and ice be the same thing, that's weird to me.
But... what's that?
Same color! Same color, means two completely different things.
I don't get it.
I hear a lot about orange.
Is an orange actually orange? The fruit?
I know nothing rhymes with it.
There's nothing that rhymes with orange, is there?
Way to go, orange.
Way to be involved in poetry and song.
Black. What's black? Black is supposed to be all the colors, all smushed together.
And then white is the absence of color?
So when I hear black and white ...
To me they're just opposites, right?
'Cause one has everything and the other has none.
And then there are things that don't have color.
Like water. But -
It doesn't have color, but the ocean does? I don't get that.
Color is hard. How do sighted people keep 'em all straight?
♪ [TXP bumper music]
I can't even think of anything that's indigo. A car.
They always have weird colors for cars.
I remember one time a long time ago, I was buying a car with somebody,
and they said "How about heather mist".
I was like, "What?"
I've never even heard of that. Nothing else in the world is heather mist.
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Describing Colors As A Blind Person

645 Folder Collection
Samuel published on January 24, 2018
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