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  • When's the right time to play AP Gangplank? When everyone on your team went AP and expect you to be the only one dealing physical damage.

  • Also, going bot is the best because your Pewpew skill will make you become the best AD carry ever and not a single ally fuckabish will be able to farm.

  • If the enemy is poking you hard in the ass, your Fruit Ninja skill is here to show him that you don't give a single shit about him.

  • And his support will never be able to hold you down.

  • When your jungler comes to gank, you should follow the Emo Mage just like in Dragon Ball and have a sexy foursome with the late Flasher.

  • When your ButtFucking Friend makes a surprise gank on that sexy sniper, use a Let's Party skill to chase her,

  • slow her with a Pewpew and Firework to deal tons of damage while getting a free kill from a suicidal Leblanc.

  • The best thing about Pirate Boy is that you can engage a fight for your ButtFucking Friend even if you're not there and get an assist to make more money.

  • If Jarvan wants to kill you, taunt him just like this, bring him near your tower, Firework to slow him down and turn back to love suicide with him even if you could safely escape.

  • Why in the world would you turn back? So he can kiss your ass over your dead body.

  • When you get your Lich Bane, your Pewpew will deal so much damage, so use it to piss off Tarzan Woman until she dies.

  • Thanks to your AP build, your Fruit Ninja skill will heal you so much that you can continue to farm, to jungle or to destroy your enemy's base like a boss.

  • Also, no one will be able to stun you long enough to land their sure-kill combo and you'll get away before Graves manage to shoot his dirty balls on you.

  • What's more? Karthus' ultimate will hurt less than a baby's scratch,

  • you can take on any attack without caring one bit

  • and freezing a lane to make your opponent lose money and experience will never harm you anymore.

  • But, AP Gangplank finds his true value in his unstoppable Firework, letting him pickpocket large minions waves from anywhere without putting a single effort

  • and your whole team will be jealous that you're the only one gaining money and leveling up when you're all together.

  • Aside from farming, this skill will allow you to (SCREW MY HOMEWORKS) without moving from your base,

  • to protect your base from imminent destruction,

  • to defend your tower on his deathbed and

  • Oh Shen is trying to finish him off! Will he be able to do it? He's not backing off one bit! The duel is so close! And Shen suffers a glorious death!

  • Hrmm can even piss off your own team by using Firework at the last second to steal every single kills from them, no problem!

  • When you're not present in a teamfight because you're busy farming, you should at least Firework the enemies to help your team and get assists for every kill they make.

  • If your Firework miraculously didn't scratch that Emo Mage, you shouldn't feel bad because if your team manage to kill her, you still get an assist for your effort.


  • What else can you do with that skill? Get a blue buff from the blind fuckabish if you're too lazy to go there,

  • use it as a portable ward to know the enemy's location and scare them,

  • piss off that Jarvan by making him run away or slow the Raging Kid to save a indecisive Card Master.

  • Your Let's Party skill doesn't scale with AP, but it's more than enough to save that kiddo getting bullied by a ninja,

  • to run away with your brother's wife,

  • to siege any building like a terrorist

  • and to have a feast with a rich Dragon.

  • Your Pewpew skill also doesn't scale with AP, but not harassing an Emo Mage is not an option,

  • making Jayce waste his Flash is a piece of cake,

  • harassing that Ezreal all day all night is the easiest thing do to in the game

  • and finishing off every unlucky fuckabish before they run away to safety is the most enjoyable thing to do in the world.

  • If you want to teamfight, let that Rock Solid Dude facecheck that brush for you, Pewpew-Firework combo your enemies and have a fearsome threesome with the last one standing.

  • Firework here to have the greatest fivesome with the Gem Lover.

  • Never forget to aim your Firework to damage the highest number of enemies to take away most of their life force, making them run away like pussycats.

When's the right time to play AP Gangplank? When everyone on your team went AP and expect you to be the only one dealing physical damage.

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