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  • Tweeze those brows, tweeze those brows.

  • My girlfriend tweezes my eyebrows,

  • it's like a weekly thing we do.

  • I actually find it really therapeutic.

  • I've never used one of these.

  • Usually I'm like, oh what's this, move that out of the way.

  • I don't know how this is done.

  • This is fleek, though.

  • This is, this is, the fleek?

  • Let's do this.

  • Cheers, let's go.

  • We've got stencils here.

  • My eyebrow doesn't look anything like this.

  • Oh, this does not look good.

  • This looks like I need to tweeze

  • a lot of it. - Wait, this is bad.

  • I may just wing it, and just do it freehand.

  • Brave.

  • I'm just gonna grab and pull, like.

  • It's what I'm good at.

  • I mean ... - I'm getting

  • some little hairs here.

  • This is actually kind of not bad.

  • Geeze, it hurts.

  • Okay, that one hurt.

  • That was like a bigger hair.

  • I don't know what the hell I'm doing.

  • Just like I don't know what I'm doing with my life.

  • Like, I feel like I'm scared over here.

  • Alright, here we go.

  • Maybe if I start getting some of these bigger hairs that are more problematic looking.

  • 'kay, all my hairs are bigger and problematic looking.

  • Where are your hairs that you're putting down?

  • They're here.

  • Look at mine.

  • You see mine everywhere?

  • I don't feel like this is that bad.

  • Pulling

  • Oh, lord.

  • t's getting red.

  • Is it?

  • Yeah, is that a thing?

  • Mm, maybe, I dunno.

  • No stop, stop, stop.

  • This is actually starting to look pretty solid.

  • This is, I think I'm starting to look good.

  • Yeah, it actually is. - Right?

  • Your arch game on point.

  • I do feel a little more glamorous.

  • I have two brows now.

  • Pretty good.

  • Look, it looks like I've done literally nothing, and look.

  • This is absurd.

  • Oh, I do have a tiny arch, like real tiny.

  • It's 'cause you're making it, man.

  • You make your arch.

  • This wasn't that painful.

  • I think if guys are scared, or anyone's scared of the pain,

  • it's really, like, negligible.

  • Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna tweeze my eyebrows again.

  • I mean, at least by myself.

  • Take your hairs and throw it in the air .

  • Like confetti?

  • Yeah, mine could be like confetti.

  • It's too much.

  • Dude, look at this.

  • Oh, that's too much, that's gross.

  • Here's all my, anybody want my DNA?

  • Oh wow, it came all the way...

  • It's, yeah,

  • you got lots. - It's everywhere.

  • I mean, I got hairs too.

  • Guys, if you need some Chelly DNA, yeah.

Tweeze those brows, tweeze those brows.

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Men Tweeze Their Own Eyebrows For The First Time

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    Samuel posted on 2018/01/19
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