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Hello everyone, and welcome back to English With Lucy.
Today, I want to talk to you about commonly-mispronounced
baby names that are usually given to boys.
So, this is a pronunciation video designed to help you with
your English speaking and pronunciation.
If you'd like to further improve that,
I really encourage you to check out Audible.
There's a link in the description.
You can get a 30-day free trial,
that's a whole free audiobook,
and I've got some recommendations
for books with British English pronunciation.
I've got an American English pronunciation one as well.
So don't miss out.
Right, let's get started with the video.
The first name that I'd like to talk about
is actually a Hispanic name, and it is Joaquin.
Joaquin, like the Walking Dead.
So in Spanish it should be Joaquin, but speakers of English
generally tend to pronounce it as Walking, Walking,
so Walking Phoenix, for example,
doesn't feel right, it doesn't roll off the tongue.
Number two, now some of you are going to laugh
at this one because you will know how to pronounce it
but I honestly, for the majority of my childhood
thought that this was pronounced as Seen, Seen,
so you know the actor Sean Bean, I thought he was
Seen Bean, but yes, it should be pronounced Sean.
The next one, now this just depends on the parents,
it could be Steffen, and it could be Steven.
It's up to them, so just ask with this one.
Now the next one is a little bit confusing
because it could be anything.
So you are likely to mispronounce it, and that's why
it's best just to ask the person how they pronounce
their name.
It could be Elias, it could be Ellias, and it could be
Are those just all the variations there?
I guess you could say Eelias as well,
just ask.
The next one, anything beginning with an X
is difficult, this one is normally pronounced Zander,
Next one we have is actually pronounced with an X,
and that is Exaveeay, Exaveeay.
But you could meet someone called Zaveeay as well.
What about this one?
Is it Noel like Christmas?
It could be, I have met somebody called Noel before,
but she was female, and normally the male version of this
name is Nole, Nole.
Now this one is just the Irish version of Owen, Owen.
And I remember, does anyone remember Eoghan Quigg?
He was an X Factor participant in 2000 and something
and I thought he was so handsome.
Yeah, I remember reading his name and thinking Yohan,
but no, Owen apparently.
Now the next one, is it Louie, or is it Louis?
You're going to have to ask the person
because it all depends on what their parents
decided to call them, sorry guys, that one's
a bit of a cop-out.
The last one we have is Jaden.
We know it now because of Jayden Smith,
but a few years back people were pretty confused
and we were hearing Jarden, Jadden,
but no, apparently it should be Jayden.
All right guys, that's it for the pronunciation
lesson today, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope
you learned something.
Again, if you have a name that is commonly
misspelt, or mispronounced, put it in the comments
and let me sympathise with you.
Mine's very easy to pronounce, although I do get
a lot of my students calling me Lucky,
or misspelling it with an S, which confuses
me so much because the channel name is English with Lucy,
it's right there, I say it for you, and I write it for you,
so really, it's just careless.
But that being said, don't forget to connect with me
on all of my social media, I've got my Facebook,
my Instagram, and my Twitter, and I will see you soon
for another lesson.
(kissing noise)
(upbeat music)
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10 boy names YOU pronounce INCORRECTLY | 2018 Baby Name Ideas

8289 Folder Collection
Samuel published on February 18, 2018    gahui yu translated    Rong Chiang reviewed
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