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You know, the Academy Awards are coming up, and you have...
I think you have, you've been nominated 20 times for Academy Awards.
And I'm wondering if you'd mind playing a little game show.
In 60 seconds, how many of those 20 movies
for which you were nominated for the Academy Awards can you name?
And if you're able to name them,
I will give you this bonus Oscar.
[cheers and applause]
Put 60 seconds on the clock.
Start naming movies. There's an Oscar on the line.
The French Lieutenant's Woman?
Uh, Kramer vs. Kramer.
Um, Silkwood?
Uh, Sophie's Choice?
Um... oh God.
No, that was George Burns.
See, I can't remember last Thursday. I can remember the olden days.
That one wasn't in there either.
Okay. Out of Africa!
Um, um, A Cry in the Dark, maybe?
Why? Why?
Why was I...
-You're wrong. -I was wrong.
You forgot the first one. You remember the first one?
You don't?
Uh, yes.
They say you always forget your first one, right?
The first... nomination?
I thought that was The French Lieutenant's Woman.
No, it wasn't. That was the third.
-It was The Deer Hunter. Oh, I'm so sorry, Meryl. -Oh! Oh yeah!
-I'm gonna have to keep this Oscar for myself, but... -The Deer Hunter!
it's okay you've probably had enough of it.
Oh, damn.
Well, I'm sorry you didn't win, but, um...
I'm sorry my mic popped out.
Yeah, I'm sorry it all happened
-But it's okay. It'll be all right. It'll be fine. -Now they know it's...you know, not...
We'll work at... you know, we'll do it again live at the Oscars.
-You practice. -[laughter] Okay.
And we'll see if you can win the prize that night.
-Thank you. Thank you. -Well, it's great to see you. Congratulations.
Thank you so much for coming. It is always a great treat to have you here.
Meryl Streep, everybody.
The Post is the movie. It's in theaters now, open to everyone on Friday.
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Meryl Streep Fails Oscar Quiz About Herself

8140 Folder Collection
Crystal Wu published on January 24, 2018    Crystal Wu translated    Lilian Chang reviewed
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