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  • So, you want to know psychologically the best way to flirt?

  • Here are some tips

  • Number one: Touch them

  • Much research has demonstrated that touching a person can increase their compliance to completing wide variety of requests, and this may extend to the world of flirtation.

  • So it may be a good tip to touch the person you desire.

  • No.

  • Not like that.

  • Studies have found that when a young man in a nightclub asks a woman to dance with him, his request was more likely to be followed if he touched her forearm for one or two seconds.

  • This may be because tactile contact is associated with dominance, as later when the women were asked to complete a survey, a high score of dominance was associated with tactile contact.

  • Number two: Smooth talk

  • Words can do a lot when it comes to flirting.

  • It can certainly do you good to subtly communicate your affection with the person you like.

  • Ok, no, that would never work.

  • Pitch and tone actually have a lot more to do with flirting than one may believe.

  • Research from MIT suggests that men are more attracted to women that vary the tone in which they speak.

  • Those whose voice went up and down in frequency more often received more romantic interest from men than those who spoke with a flatter tone.

  • This study also found that women were more attracted to men who interjected when they were speaking with phrases such as "yep," "OK"and "I see."

  • This not only suggests dominance which is an evolutionary trait women find appealing, but also understanding.

  • Number three: Mirror body language

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

  • In this case you'll act as the mirror!

  • 55% of attraction communication is made through body language, and one of the most subtle yet most effective methods of flirting with someone is to mirror their actions.

  • This is because we unconsciously copy those we are attracted to as a sign that we are interested in what they are saying.

  • Mirroring someone not only demonstrates that we have good communication skills but also that we're invested in their thoughts and feelings.

  • This is also a surefire way of whether knowing someone is interested in you, as if they copy your mirroring, they just may reciprocate your feelings.

  • Number four: Wear red.

  • Not that red, not only an eye catching color that flatters many skin tones.

  • Red is also a symbol of lust and sexuality, and studies have shown that when both men and women wear red, they appear more attractive to the opposite sex.

  • This may be due to the social expectation surrounding the color.

  • However, psychologist Adam Pazda suggests that instead our attraction to red may be a hangover from human's evolutionary past as animals, such as female baboons display patches of bright red skin to indicate they are ready to mate.

  • However, it may be good advice to keep it subtle and classy.

  • Number five: Eye contact

  • Often viewed as the number one sign of attraction, eye contact is key when it comes to demonstrating your attraction towards another person.

  • When we make eye contact with a prospective mate, we're in fact searching for evidence of their attraction to us through their physiological response of pupil dilation,

  • and this is why staring into one another's eyes feels so intimate.

  • Therefore, the best way to let someone know you're interested in them is to gaze into their eyes.

  • Just make sure you're smiling and that you don't over do it.

  • Follow these tips, we wish you luck!

  • So, how'd it go?

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So, you want to know psychologically the best way to flirt?

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