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So I see on your resume
you just graduated college.
I did, I did just graduate college
cum laude.
So, what are some things you learned in college
that you think would apply to this job?
Um, I think I learned a lot in college
that would help me in this job,
a lot of skills I picked up on.
I learned things like teamwork, multitasking,
I think I learned leadership skills.
All right, so you're gonna be the DD tonight,
yeah you are, nose goes, bam.
I'm really good with managing money.
I am a good problem solver.
Hey, Dad?
I always had a good academic record.
So if I need a 70% to pass the class,
and I got a 78 on the paper, then that means
I only need a 71 on the final.
Hey guys, I'm going out tonight!
I'm a good communicator.
I have an astounding perseverance.
I am quite the motivator. Chug, chug, chug!
I love researching things,
I have good time management skills.
I have passion.
Woo! We going to the natty championship!
And yeah, I really think that
college prepared me for this job.
Well, everything looks good,
except for the fact that this is an entry level position
and we do require three years of experience.
this won't work out.
Yeah, makes sense.
Silly me.
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12 Things I Actually Learned In College

10670 Folder Collection
Carol Chen published on January 18, 2018    Carol Chen translated    Crystal Wu reviewed
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