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  • So I see on your resume

  • you just graduated college.

  • I did, I did just graduate college

  • cum laude.

  • So, what are some things you learned in college

  • that you think would apply to this job?

  • Um, I think I learned a lot in college

  • that would help me in this job,

  • a lot of skills I picked up on.

  • I learned things like teamwork, multitasking,

  • I think I learned leadership skills.

  • All right, so you're gonna be the DD tonight,

  • yeah you are, nose goes, bam.

  • I'm really good with managing money.

  • I am a good problem solver.

  • Hey, Dad?

  • I always had a good academic record.

  • So if I need a 70% to pass the class,

  • and I got a 78 on the paper, then that means

  • I only need a 71 on the final.

  • Hey guys, I'm going out tonight!

  • I'm a good communicator.

  • I have an astounding perseverance.

  • I am quite the motivator. Chug, chug, chug!

  • I love researching things,

  • I have good time management skills.

  • I have passion.

  • Woo! We going to the natty championship!

  • And yeah, I really think that

  • college prepared me for this job.

  • Well, everything looks good,

  • except for the fact that this is an entry level position

  • and we do require three years of experience.

  • So...

  • this won't work out.

  • Yeah, makes sense.

  • Silly me.

So I see on your resume

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