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  • Good day, and here we have FEAR 2. This is an example of how not to do a sequel. Basically,

  • this is inferior in every single solitary way to FEAR 1. The atmosphere isn't as good,

  • the action is a lot more basic. See, in this game, the enemy AI basically has no intelligence

  • whatsoever. They no longer go to cover, they no longer have a lot of hit points... they

  • basically just die if you look at them wrong.

  • Now in this game you play as Becket, a generic soldier who, when the game starts up, does

  • NOT have the ability to go into bullet time mode. But of course, after the first level

  • you get bullet time mode and that's when the game gets a lot easier, even though the game

  • was considerably easy to begin with. This is an example of a consolized and actionized

  • sequel. Basically, any pretensions to horror are gone now. Sure, Becket does have his own

  • freak out moments but they're not really scary at all, mainly because in the actual game

  • all you're doing is mowing down waves and waves of ineffectual enemies. And I mean they

  • are horribly ineffectual - there are some enemies with exploding tanks on their backs!

  • Why would you walk around with that if it's just going to explode if you shoot it! And

  • they don't even have flamethrowers! I guess they're oxygen tanks, maybe, but then why

  • do some troops have oxygen tanks and others don't?!

  • The story for the game, while not making sense in the first game and its expansions, makes

  • even less sense now. Apparently there is a PMC that companies can call down on rogue

  • members or just mmebers they don't like and they'll go kill them. Also apparently there's

  • a PMC that can be called down to attack and destroy property on American soil. How does

  • this make sense? Okay, why would the US military allow a PMC to attack a company's scientific

  • buildings, kill all within and then just leave. Why would you allow this to happen? Also where

  • do they get all the equipment for these people? Where do they get all the people, that's the

  • question. Because there is a HUGE number of mercs in this city that's been destroyed since

  • the first game. Where did they come from? How did this massive mobilization occur? Why

  • would the government allow such a massive mobilization of men and equipment to be moved

  • into an American city? It makes no sense!

  • Now graphically the game looks amazing, blah blah blah, great graphics, but by the time

  • this came out graphics didn't even really matter. Sound design is also fairly decent,

  • if a bit generic - the various freak out moments have pretty good sound design but it's definitely

  • not quite as scary as the first games.

  • And that's your lot, ladies and gentlemen. This is just a basic FPS where you shoot hordes

  • of ineffectual enemies. It's generic, it's boring after awhile, and it definitely is

  • not "FEAR" in any way, shape or form. And so, this is Jon, signing off.

Good day, and here we have FEAR 2. This is an example of how not to do a sequel. Basically,

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CGR Undertow - F.E.A.R. 2: PROJECT ORIGIN review for PC

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