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- Alright, say goodnight guys.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- I hope you have a good nighttime too.
- (mumbles) nighttime too.
- He's copying me.
(happy music)
- Hello my darling humans I am Hannah dot mom
and I'm here to talk to you about mom stuff.
(Hannah laughs)
Cool mom.
We don't, I don't really know what I'm doing
thus far in the intro but it's, but I'm here hi.
Side note, look at what Jackson made today,
it's a giraffe,
and a mouse, and a woman, playing basketball,
I don't know, up to you.
Anyway, let's talk about sleeping.
Honestly, as a parent I can tell you it freaking sucks.
Every aspect of sleep having to do with kids, sucks.
And if you're one of those people
who has kids who sleep through the night, just go away.
I'm just kidding you can stay, I'm just very jealous.
Now my kids, are five and two,
they sleep in their own room they have their bunk beds.
But I've been seeing a lot of my friends
on Facebook sharing their sleep situation
and a lot of them practice what's called bedsharing.
Which means that the kids sleep in the parent's bed
every night, like they have this huge king size bed
and all of the kids pile in and it's like a big family bed
usually there's a dog at the foot of the bed.
And they say it actually helps the kids sleep better.
And sleep in later, in the morning.
I will try anything to get my kids to sleep in.
Because for some reason they're
just programmed to wake up at the butt crack of dawn.
So I spent the last week letting my kids sleep in my bed.
To see if it would improve their sleep habit.
And it did not turn out the way I thought it would
at all, whatsoever, but I learned a lot.
So the ground rules for this experiment.
First of all I gave them the option to sleep in my bed,
I didn't force them to if they didn't want to.
Because if they're cool just sleeping
in their bed for now, go for it.
Second, I tried this for seven days because,
I think it takes a few days to adjust to things usually.
And I wanted to make sure that I gave it a fair chance.
And the last rule is we didn't change the bedtime routine.
It was still bath, brush teeth, books, bed.
And then I'd go back out, finish up what I was doing,
whether it's dishes or gorging on
ice cream while they're asleep, I shouldn't admit that,
and then come in and sleep with them.
Okay night one, I have one taker, this guy.
So night one was extremely surprising actually,
I presented the option to both boys to sleep in my bed.
And the only one who wanted to was Wyatt, mister
independent, mister stay away from me
mom, mister I want my own bed.
It was amazing, he was so cuddly, he was so sweet.
What do you want?
First of all he can't say cuddles, so he calls it tuddles.
- Tuddles.
- Cuddles?
- Yeah.
- [Hannah] And the way that he cuddles is he straight up
like planks on top of my body it's very weird
and so I'm just like his human pillow
and so that's how he likes to get tired.
I love you.
- I wuv you too.
(Hannah giggles)
- Say goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
So we just did that, cuddle, and I got to feel
him fall asleep, and it was awesome,
off to an amazing start.
Okay, night two, we have both takers tonight.
So night two, Jackson caught on
and he was like I want in on this, so it was both boys.
I was a little bit nervous because it's a king size bed,
but it's not that big for four people
and my kids are like not the smallest.
So I was a little bit nervous about how I was gonna fit.
Bedtime was fine, they went to bed great,
and then bout one am Wyatt wakes up
and decides that he doesn't want to sleep in my bed anymore.
Okay, we have one who's requesting to go to his room.
Just a little change of heart I guess,
right, wanna sleep in your room?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
So I come back in, go back to bed,
wake up an hour later to realize that Jackson
has literally taken over 95% of the bed
and I've been scooched over to like
the closest you could possibly be to
the edge of the bed without falling off.
And honestly, with my husband if he's like crowding the bed,
or pushing me to the side that's no problem
cause I can just like give him a little poke
in the ribs and he knows what that means
and he scoots right over on his own.
But with a kid, if you're trying to move them
when they're asleep it's like holding a bomb.
Don't wanna push the wrong button
or like pull the wrong cord and detonate this entire thing.
So honestly moving him would've been
harder than just like sucking it up
and continuing to sleep in my little
cramped corner so that's what I ended up
doing for the rest of the night.
Okay, night three, I think.
- Yeah.
- Night three.
- (mumbles)
- So night three, both kids were 100% in once again.
But I don't know if it's just my kids
or if this is like universal for all kids.
My kids sleep in the weirdest positions ever.
Jackson's whole MO is to get as close
to you as possible without like,
actually physically climbing inside of your skin.
Wyatt likes to fling all over the place,
and I swear it's intentional, and after this night,
was kind of the point where Matt
was like I think I've had enough of this and I was like
we're doing seven days, and so we continued.
Oh look who it is, okay do you remember
when you were sleeping in my bed, how was that?
- Good.
- Good, so night four, it was just Jackson
and Wyatt kind of reverted back
to his old ways of like I wanna sleep in my own bed.
Where do you wanna sleep?
- I wanna pick a book.
- Pick a book? Okay, goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- It was just Jackson, night four, it was fine.
Like I said Jackson's like the most cuddly,
but like in a burrowing type of way,
so it's like getting into my armpit and stuff like that.
So I didn't sleep the best, and he actually
didn't sleep in any later than unusual.
But it was, it was fine with just Jackson,
cause there's a lot more room.
So night five, both kids wanted to sleep in my bed.
I guess Wyatt had a change of heart or something.
And they slept fine, I on the other hand slept horribly.
Interrupted sleep the entire night.
I was exhausted the next day.
Which is why on day six I decided to take a little break.
- Can I sleep in your bed?
- [Hannah] No I need a little break tonight.
Can you sleep in your bed tonight?
- (mumbles)
- [Hannah] No, I need a little break,
there's no room for me in here.
- Mama's bed, mama's bed.
- So yeah, I said I was gonna do seven nights, but I,
honestly, I just really needed to get some sleep.
Cause a cranky mom is the worst kind of mom.
Okay, one more night it is, right?
- Goodnight.
- [Hannah] So the seventh, and final,
night could not have come soon enough.
Where are you sleeping tonight Wyatt?
- My bed.
- Your bed? Okay.
Where are you sleeping tonight?
- Mommy's bed.
- And I was kind of like, I'd had that really good night's
sleep on night six so I was like
I kinda just wanna sleep by myself tonight.
And guess where I'm sleeping tonight.
- What?
- [Jackson] On the bed.
- The couch.
And the funny thing is, Jackson was fine with that.
He doesn't actually care if I'm in the bed with him.
So I feel like I might need to reassess
his bed situation and like make sure
that his bed is really comfortable I'm really confused.
- Hey.
- Is your bed comfy, is your bed comfortable?
- No, no.
- No, why not?
Is my bed more comfortable?
- Yep.
- How?
- Because you.
- So in conclusion, after seven days of trying this
experiment, I learned a few things.
I learned first of all, that bedsharing is not for us.
It doesn't make my kids sleep in any later,
doesn't make them sleep any better,
I get a terrible nights sleep,
my husband gets a terrible nights sleep.
And I know that this works for a lot of families,
so if it works for you, great,
I really wish it worked for me.
We're just generally, all around,
better off if we have our own space.
Second I learned that the one thing I really loved,
about bedsharing, was just being
able to spend more time with my kids.
I'm at work every single day,
I liked being able to get home and have time with them.
But then also be able to spend the night with them
and feel like I got to be around them a little bit more.
But honestly they're asleep, it's not like
there's much interaction or anything like that
so ultimately I think we can live without it.
And the third and final thing I learned
is that I need to buy a new couch.
Because ours is freaking uncomfortable, as heck.
Did not sleep the best, not very comfortable.
This ones up at the crack of dawn.
(Hannah laughs)
It is awful, it is not a couch suitable
for anyone to sleep on, new couch.
So that's all I got for today,
and if you have any experience with besharing,
whether it's with your kids, or with your parents,
leave it in the comments, and if there's
anything you want me to try in a future episode for a week.
Leave that in the comments as well or you can text me,
this is a real number I do read every single text.
I don't necessarily respond to all of them,
because I get a lot of them, but, I love
to hear what you guys want me to do in future episodes.
And to all of you out there I wish you
a blessed nights sleep, wherever you're sleeping,
whomever you're sleeping with.
Have a good nights sleep, til next time.
Well I have to say, I'm very happy
to finally have the bed to myself, it is all mine.
And I'm so excited to get a good nights sleep tonight.
Is that mean, I don't know, I don't care.
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I Tried Sharing A Bed With My Kids For A Week

43 Folder Collection
luluuk published on January 13, 2018
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