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Hey guys its kaykrizz and today I would
like to share with you my experience

when I was applying with Saudia Airlines
and the interview tips and tricks that I

would like to share with you.
That's coming up, stay tuned!

The process with Saudia Airlines:
1. You have to know hiring date.

IPAMS is an agency that will help you apply to this company.
They will be the ones to assist you
and guide you. It's a very good company

because they don't ask for processing
fees or placement fees once you get in.

The process:
1. Initial interview
2. Group interview

3. Email that you are invited
4. Final interview
My experience two years ago
when I applied with them.

They may do it different this time
but basically this is how they did it before.

First thing they will do is check your:
1. Height and Weight

Make sure that your height is proportion to your weight
through of the BMI chart.
Initial interview:
You have to know about the company. "What do you know about the company?"
"What do you know about Saudi?"
"How many aircraft they had when they started?"

"Who is their CEO?"
Group Interview:
They asked me to stand in front of the crowd and say..

Who am I, Where am I from,
What is my experience, What is my edge
among other applicants,

After that they will send
you email to invite you to the final interview

Sounds easy right? No :)
Final Interview:
Lot of people will be there.

Make sure that your grooming & attire is checked.
Wear a long skirt that should cover your knees.
Saudia Airline is a very
conservative company.

Final Interview what to expect:
BMI check. Make sure to keep your weight.
This time, the people will be checking are the representatives of the company or HR of
Saudia airlines themselves. They will
ask you to walk in a big room

They will ask you as a group to enter and walk. Then they will instruct you one by one.
You have to enter and walk, pay attention and focus is also a part of the test.
If they told you to walk from the right first or to the left first
then take note of that and make sure
that you do just that.

After the walk, they will let you sit in front of them and they will ask you questions.
it's all about how you would react
if you are under pressure.

Make sure that you are grace under pressure. The interview will last 5-10mins
It depends on how the conversation goes. What to expect:
Expect four to five people in the panel and they will be behind desks.
You will be in the center of the
room in a chair.

These people there will be
a girl and maybe four guys.

Then they will be representatives: ex-cabin crew, grooming officers
or one of the higher-ups of the company.
These are the people who will screen you on that day. If you passed the final interview, you will go on
for the medical examinations. Once your
medical exam is done then...

Your ticket is there and welcome to Saudi!

To summarize,
1. Initial interview with the agency

2. Final interview with employers
Both days, they will check your height and weight.
They will give initial interview and group
interview on the first one.

On the second one, they will give you
instructions and they will grill you on

the hot seat for 5-15 minutes.
My tips for you guys, make sure that your
BMI is correct by your weight is

proportionate to your height, wear
long skirts that cover your knees.

Study and research

About the country, company, culture and
everything else that is a cliché when

you are applying for an interview
personality questions: what is your edge

why should we pick you, why
did you choose your course in college,

Practice how to be "Grace Kelly" under pressure and you'll be fine
Take note that both process will involve a lot of waiting, my tip for you is...
- Bring some food.
- Eat a lot before the interview.

- Bring water.
- Bring a pen.

- Listen to instructions especially on the final day.
One of the key things that they will look for the applicant is if they are listening to
instructions and able to follow
instructions. That means that you are employable.

They can hire you and you will follow the rules and regulations of the company.
I know this video is very short. I think applying for this company,
Their processes is very short and easy. :)
If you guys enjoyed and

learned something from this video I hope
that you give it a "like", "share" it to your

friends and also "subscribe" to my channel
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now i'm a cabin crew. Please subscribe
to the blog list and also share the love.

For those of you who are scheduled
now for the final interview I really

hope the best for you guys
good luck and may God be with you on the day.
That's it for this video guys I hope

you enjoyed it and I will fly with you soon!
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SAUDIA Airlines Open Day Interview Tips

371 Folder Collection
hsin641810 published on January 11, 2018
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