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so today
I will tell you about the lightest metal on Earth Lithium
Lithium is the first group in the periodic [table] of chemical elements except for the smallest atomic
Mass [Legion] has a lowest density of all metals
Which is nearly two times lower than that of water in appearance?
[nitin] represents a shiny metal which can be cut with [a] knife
But it will be required to exchange sufficient Force to achieve that
Little Rapidly oxidize in Air and while that is happening
it's been covered [with] a layer of
oxides carbonates and little nitrite black coating because this is the only metal [that] can react with
atmospheric nitrogen at room temperature Liam can be stored in Kerosene
However due to its low density
It will float on each surface now shall
We look at some of the chemical properties of Liam a piece of little x another commonly with water forming
Hydrogen and lithium hydroxide if you ignite the released hydrogen the flames will turn beautiful red
due to lithium ions however if we take liam in the shape of [Findlay] Tinfoil
Which is used in leitrim biases by the way that will ignite and explode open reaction with water
Which is very dangerous?
If you set fire to a little piece of [liter] it will melt and then light up
with a very bright white flame to then form little oxide during combustion
The temperature of burn [a] [liter] in the air is more than 2,000 degrees Celsius little as well as all other
Alkali metals is an excellent reducing agent that easily loses electrons is surprising however
That when it's melted a temperature above 300 degrees Celsius
It impractically doesn't oxidize with the air and each surface remains below C
If you ignite liam on sand it will react with a silicon
There's a sand country's of forming an amorphous
in addition little eggs perfectly with sulfur
This direction of little with sulfur formed so much energy
That even our pan melted on which the reaction was scared and yes
I have also built through the carpet with this reaction for that. It's all right
I have many carpets the [also] [very] dangerous little
Property is that when it starts to burn while being on wood it will pick up oxygen from the cellulose
Molecules that make up the aforementioned rule as such lithium explodes
creating a lot of course parts
Don't try to repeat this experiment
[Liam] can [react] with dry copper sulfate
recovering copper from each soul
These days liam finds many applications in science and [technology] the most common use of it of course
Would be lithium-ion batteries and other power sources also liam is used in Nuclear power
lasers as well as
Metallurgy little compounds are used in medicine for the treatment of Mental disorders
Because of its ability to be an antagonist of sodium ions
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Lithium - The Lightest Metal on Earth

180 Folder Collection
Wongwl published on January 11, 2018
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