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Now let's go to more exciting part of this video.
Advantages of being a flight attendant!
Life is all about perspectives, some of the things that I might mention on the
advantages are same things that I mentioned in the disadvantages.
There are two sides for everything right? There's the good and the bad.
I'm just going to sight the good things.
**Disclaimer** This doesn't apply to everyone.
Maybe it just applies to me because of my personality and background.
Let's go ahead and talk about the advantages!
1. You get to work with people.
For me, working with people could be much more better
than I work in front of my computer all day. This is how I see it.
I get to meet new people and I get to learn new things because of their background and experiences .
This is what I love about my job every day is changing.
I get to work with different people.
I get to learn from difficult people and good people.
It's a mix of all. I love working with people that's why it's an advantage for me.
2. The work itself is dynamic and fast-changing.
I can't sit in one place for a long time. I could if I am
meditating, but my mind tends to get bored easily.
In a call center with Convergys. The first month, I am so bored. I want to quit right right away.
Training was two weeks and I worked for two weeks.
It's just so routine that I can't stand it. Working as a flight attendant is
the perfect fit because it's dynamic, it's changing every time, I get to see different places.
I get to go different places as well even though my specific job is the same.
There's something changing everyday. This is the perfect job for me.
3. Salary! Let it rain guys! My salary is really good
because I am an international flight attendant. It's nothing that you could
find in the Philippines. Most of the people are in this job because of the salary itself.
Nothing more to say about that. :)
I cannot divulge my salary right now because I am under a contract.
Just to let you guys know, I know a lot of people will ask me "How much is your salary?"
I also did a flight attendant
blog post about the salary comparison of different flight
attendants international and domestic. It's on my website will check it out guys
You're trying to know or research the financial advantages of working as a flight attendant.
You can check out my posts there.
4. Opportunity to travel for free!
I love traveling myself. I love seeing the world, seeing different cultures
different climates, different wonders of nature... This is a dream job!
For my layovers, I get to go to a new country. I stay there
24 hours and then I go back.
That's good enough for me. Some layovers are 3 days
someday layovers are much more like 1 week
in the states!
No other job will give me that opportunity to travel without me
spending money for my ticket spending for my hotel room spending money for my
pocket money
It's pretty good. It's a really good advantage!
5. Discounted tickets!
Aside from me traveling while on the job if I have my days off or if I have my
annual leave, I can get discount for the ticket. A regular ticket to get
to the States will be about 50,000 Php
or 60,000 Php. But because I am a flight attendant and I'm a part of the agreement.
Every airline employee has, I get to get the ticket instead of 60,000 Php, I can get a
ticket for 15,000 Php back and forth with all taxes included!
Isn't that cheap?!
It is a very good perk for working as a flight attendant. I'm on my off or leave
I don't have to spend much money to go and travel and see the world on
my free time. This job is definitely for travel bugs or people who
have the Wanderlust in the blood!
This job is for you guys!
6. Learn about different people and culture through the people you work with.
I love working with people and also I am NOT the kind of person
that just sits there and do nothing
I love love to learn new things..anything.
Whenever I'm in a cabin with my colleagues ,I try to learn more about their culture and try
make friends. I get to to learn about the
world through the people I work with and through my passengers sometimes if
they're nice, they could tell me all about their life for example in set of friends.
7. Advantage to develop coping skills.
I get to adjust to different people because in my job I get to get
exposed to different kinds of people with different personalities.
I had a supervisor who is very strict,
very rigid and very tough and giving you a hard time.
I get to cope with that situation. I get to learn how to cope with that person,
how to maneuver my way. Sometimes I get to work with people who're very sweet, very kind.
I adjust my attitude depending on what type of
personality I am with. Coping skills this is something that you can't learn from school.
You could learn from the family but I'm more exposed to
developing this kind of skill "coping skills", "people skills"
"conversational skills"
8. You have career options.
You have the option to either become a
Purser, Supervisor, Checker, Trainer or Grooming Officer.
You're on a dead-end job. A lot of you guys comment on my videos and on my
facebook that "Is it a dead-end job being a flight attendant?"
If you look at it that way, then that's what you're going to see.
What you don't know is when you start to fly as a flight attendant there is an issue
with PAL before that they were forced to resign.
With my airline we don't have this issue other airlines as well
If it happened to one company everything is like that.
No, it's not like that actually. You have to do your own research on
which company you are applying for.
If they have forced retirement, if they have this and that...
Do your homework before you judge anybody under that
kind of industry or before you try to put yourself as their employee and you
don't know what you're getting into.
That's why you're watching this video. Let me tell you that there
are career options. If you want to be working on the ground after a few years
of flying then you have the option to do that. You can apply to become a trainer.
You get to train new flight attendants, you can apply to become the
Grooming Officer, You get to check the grooming.
You can try to get a higher
rank as a flight attendant supervisor and there are just
so many options for you.
8. Try to always look your best.
Being a flight attendant is actually connected to the glamorous world
of this beautiful ladies walking down the airport
It's cliche but it's true that we take pride in it as a flight attendant.
I take pride in my appearance and I do that by maintaining my grooming.
trying to learn how to do my makeup, try to discover new things and for a girl
like me this is a wonderful world because if i'm
working on a regular job. In on-desk office job and one day I want to
have bright red lipstick, I can't really do that unless there's an occasion or a party.
If not, I will be enduring those people who always say "What's the occasion today?"
"Why do you look so good today?"
In my job as a flight attendant if I look my best, I can put a
full makeup on and I put bright red lipstick that it's the norm.
It's the "normal" for us. I love that about my job. I love that I get to put my best
face forward every single day and that is how I want to live.
10. Take care of myself/yourself.
I know that being a flight attendant, the pressure
the environment, the sleeping pattern, we tend to age more than other people and
we know this from the very beginning. Our trainers have told us that this will happen.
We do everything we can to take care of ourselves.
We go to the gym.
Our house has a free Gym, free swimming pool on the rooftop and I always do all
the relaxation, body spa, activities that I can go to because I love them!
Being a flight attendant actually gets me more aware of how my body works and
how to take care of it. Most of my peers they go to the gym, they do healthy living.
If you are surrounded by this kind of people and you surround yourself with them
you also become one of those people who takes good care of yourself.
Even though they say that you will age faster if you become a flight
attendant, if you compare a girl who is working at the office and a girl who is
a flight attendant, they are probably the same age, maybe they work the same time
for ten years. After 10 years, what I see with my trainers and with
people who are ahead of me I see that they are very well good-looking,
very well taken cared of because they are just more aware of this thing happening.
Compared to a simple person who's working in an office.
maybe i'm wrong. This is usually what I have observed.
11. Time flies so fast.
It's the nature of the job. If you talk to
anybody who has been a flight attendant for like two years or three years they
would usually say "Man, It has been two years I didn't even notice."
Can you imagine your job like that? We are having so much
fun so many things are happening, so many challenges every day. You don't get to
really notice time and you get shocked.
"oh my god I've been working in this company for five years I didn't even
notice it time flies so fast!" That is just because maybe you're having fun,
you love your job and that's one of the advantage
that I have noticed and I loved about being a flight attendant.
That's it guys! To summarize the advantages that I think are
important for you know. The important advantages that I enjoy as a flight attendant is:
1. Working with people.
2. The environment is dynamic and fast-changing. 3. The high salary.
4. Traveling for free. 5. The discounted tickets. 6. Get to learn from people. 7. Learning different cultures.
8. Coping with different attitudes.
9. Career options
10. Looking my best at all times. 11. Taking care of myself. 12. Time flies so fast.
These are just on top of my head. What I think it's the advantages of
working for this job.
To summarize everything and to end this video I would like to end it with a quote from the Philippines.
"Kung gusto, may paraan"
"Kung ayaw, may dahilan."
"If you want, there is a way for you. But if you don't want to, there will always be excuses "
That's it guys! :D --BYE!!!--
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Advantages and Disadvantages of being a Flight Attendant [PART 2] | MISSKAYKRIZZ

194 Folder Collection
hsin641810 published on January 10, 2018
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