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Hey guys
it's misskaykrizz you should subscribe to this channel
if you're interested in flight attendant tips, travel blogs and beauty videos
so todays videos is gonna be my top 5 tips
to fresh graduates who are trying to apply for the job of flight attendant
so stay tuned!
hey guys it's very common for us
to think that if you are a fresh graduate
you don't have any experience of being a flight attendant
and also if you don't have experience for customer service
you'll probably think "omg! maybe this is not for me" or "omg! perhaps i will not get the job"
but actually that is wrong
im going to bust all your wrong thinking
today with my 5 tips for you
so tip no.1
you have to change your thinking
it is not because you don't have experience that they will not hire you anymore
so for you to understand this all you have to think about
is the recruitment is actually based on the day itself
on what you did and how you answer the questions on the day of the recruitment
your past is something that somebody had or somebody or the recruiter talk about during the interview
but it's not really the beat all end all of everything that is why you are inside the interview room
because they let you in because you pass the requirements
because you pass the height requirement the weight requirement
and the minimum educational background they need
so that is why you are there
so when you are inside the room
with all the other applicants just think that
you all have the same equal opportunity to prove yourself to the recruiters
so my tip no.2 for you guys is use your youth
so what do i mean? so if you are young- a fresh graduate you're probably
very young no experience at working so you can bank on that
you can use this as an information or a leverage that you can sell yourself to the recruiters
what do i mean?
ok, no.1
when it comes to the physical stuff if you are young make sure that your make up
and the way you dress yourself really highlights your youth
this is one of the most famous things that the PAL recruiters use to say to their applicants
those applicants that made it to the second day they actually asked us
to use make up that will make us look young and they asked us to use clothes in pastel colours
because they want a young cabin crew they want you to represent the airlines so you have to be young dynamic
and fresh so that is the image you have to go for
and secondly when you start selling yourself
emphasize that you have a long career years ahead of you
you are not planning to get married soon have kids soon or you are not planning to retire anytime soon
so if the company invest in you
they will be investing to someone who's gonna be there for the long run
and someone where they can get their money back their investment back ok?
so use that to your advantage
now let's go to tip no.3
so my tip no.3 is so that you have something to talk about with the recruiters
use the experience that you already have for example
if you are part of any extra curricular activities in school you can use that as a "Job experience"
right? so you can say like for example there is a question tell me
yourself you can say that i was very active in extra curricular activities in school
so i have very good time management skills or something like that
so you get what i mean? so if you don't have any extra curricular in school
you could say thing about you or qualities about you that is related to the job of a flight attendant
so for example your a very enthusiastic person you can say my friends always look up to me
for jokes whenever we're together i know that is sounds a bit silly or doesn't sound a bit official for you
but the important thing is that you focus on the qualities that a flight attendant must have
and show to the recruiters that you have that quality whether its because of a previous job experience
or its just because of your life experience okay?
so let's go to tip no 4
tip no 4 is compensate with your research what do i mean?
if you don't know what the customer service job is about you have to research all about it
you have to know the answers to the questions related to that
so what do i mean? even though you don't have the experience about handling angry passengers
or handling difficult situations at least you have to do your research on how to handle
them because that is gonna be a point for you and a plus even if you haven't really experience it yourself
but you are able to explain it thoroughly to the recruiters
that is the scoreboard or that is how the recruiters judge you right?
the way you answer question related to your job so a person with experience can easily answer
those with their experience but you are a fresh graduate and you have no experience at all
so you have to plan for that kind of question you have to really dig into the what kind of job are you applying for
don't go to their recruitment like i have a dream and i just want my dream to come true
no, do your research what is the job about and how do you handle situation involving the job
so if you research that and you're able to answer that during your interview
you'll have the same score as somebody who has experience for that so do you get what i mean?
just do your research
let's go now to the final tip which is tip no. 5
tip no.5 is focus on what you have so what do i mean? just focus on what you have on that day
make sure that you know who you are you know what you have to offer and sell your self
sell your self like you are a door to door salesman okay?
so if you know what you have and you know the strenghts that you can offer
you know the advantages that you could offer the company focus on that
don't say things like i don't have experience here but i am very enthusiastic
or im very hardworking just don't mention the things that you don't have only mention the things that you have
this way you are not only showing that you are a positive thinker kind of person your also showing that you know how to sell yourself okay
so.. most of us do the mistakes of telling this long story of who we are why we are not as successful
or why things are not going so well in our current position
or something like that
so these are negative stories nega vibes stay away from that
what im trying to say is just focus on the positive things that you could offer to the table
if you are directly asked a question about something
that you dont have still answer the question in a positive way in a positive lie
like for example why don't you have a job right now i am actually looking for a job
and i am very enthusiastic i had made a lot of applications
and i am very enthusiastic on the result but i am most specially interested in this job application
that is happening right now or something like that *laughing*
so guys if you haven't heard it yet already i have a book which is coming out on july 15 2017
you should pre order a copy now if you want a copy by the time it is released
and this is gonna be available for the philippine readers okay for the philippine applicants
i have a link down in this video you could click on that on how to order for the book
that is comming up so what's inside the book are the 8 steps that i have formulated
when i was still applying for the position of flight attendant and this is written on my own little notebook
and now i have transferred it here in this book where all of the mistakes that i did on my applications
and all the strategy i have were all summarized in those 8 steps
and it is now here in the book so make sure that you get my book and guys
if you are interested in having a one on one consultation
with me where i could help you with your personal situation about applying for the position
i have 8 years experience of trying to get the job for my self and im sure that i could help you figure out
what you're doing wrong and coach you guys and how to answer question
we could do mock interviews and i could assess how you are going with your interview process
and i'll be able to correct you and help you out in your next interview
so if you are interested in something like that you may book me on my website
go over at www.misskaykrizz.com or click on the link down below
i will link it there and book a schedule that is most convenient for you and i will see you on skype!
that's it guys this is all the tips that i have for you fresh graduates
i hope that you guys learn a thing or two
if you do please give this video a thumbs up!
and don't forget to subscribe to my channel
and i will see you guys on the next video
fly with you soon bye!
The the uh *laughs* im sorry that is... *beep*
so guys if you are interested *clears throat* im sorry my voice is gone. again again
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Top 5 tips for Fresh Graduates who wants to be a Flight Attendant |MISSKAYKRIZZ (Philippines)

195 Folder Collection
hsin641810 published on January 10, 2018
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