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Hey guys, it's Misskaykrizz
Welcome back to my channel!
If you are new here, I do all videos about travel, beauty
like the video today i'm gonna do a
flight attendant interview
question-and-answer sample
If you'd like to see what question we have and
how I would answer it, then keep on watching!
so how to answer this question?
what this question is asking from you is
they would like to see if you are
applying for any opening or you
specifically want to apply for our airline and why
so that is the question
it is also a way to determine or to
filter the pool of applicants that they have
the points to remember when
answering this question
1. You have to show that you did your research on the company
You have to know about the company and show them your seriousness in applying
show them your professionalism by doing a basic research
Research their CEO, airline history, what they are all about, what is their tagline and things like this
2. You are not focused on what you will get as the
employees instead you are focused on
what you can contribute to the growth and betterment of this airline that you are applying for
when answering this question you have
to highlight their customer service
their reputation as a company,
their good training for their cabin crews
and why you would love to be a part of this company and what you can offer to them
Alright, let's just go ahead and answer this sample question!
"Prior to attending this recruitment day,
I have research several airlines before deciding to apply with yours,
I am very impressed by the high standard of customer service that you provide
I already know that this airline have a very good reputation.
The quality of service standard is very high and the training
that the cabin can receive from you is also very exceptional
While doing my research, I talked to several
employees of your company and I am happy to report that they said that you are
a very good employer and you take good care of your employees
I would love to be a part of a team that is dynamic and
continuously try to grow, innovate and become the leading in this industry.
That is why I believe, I have all the qualities that will help your airline
move forward to a better sending in the future."
or you could just do what the movie
'View from the top'
she actually answered the question like this...
"Your airline is one of the best airline that is there around and for me I only want to work for the best "
something like that, that's how she
answered the question but you can also do it to that effect
so I hope that you guys learned something from this video
I will see you guys on the next one
if you also want to be informed of what airlines are
hiring in the Philippines, go ahead and subscribe to my hiring alerts email
I'll put the link down below and that will surely help you in your job hunt to become a flight attendant soon.
so without much further ado,
I'll bid you goodbye and I will fly with you soon!
"so why are you choosing our airline to make your career"
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Why did you choose to apply for our airline?| FA Interview Question |MISSKAYKRIZZ

666 Folder Collection
hsin641810 published on January 10, 2018
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