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Hey guys, it's Kaykriz, and we're continuing on with our Qatar Airways series and today
We are going to talk about the group dynamics
So the group dynamics is actually still on the day two of the three-day
hiring process of Qatar Airways
So after the first elimination or the first round which I talked about my other video my previous video check it out
You will be then if you survive that round you will be then asked to do a group dynamics activity
What is a group dynamics activity it is a way?
For Qatar Airways to recognize if you will be a good part of the team and that's it that's basically it
Okay for the longest time they have been asking like fifteen or sixteen of you who are left
During that first elimination round they'll be asking you to do an activity either
prepare and itinerary or
create something out of sticks, so it really depends on the
Recruiters and what they are feeling on that day sometimes they don't do group sometimes they do partners
So you cannot really expect?
What is happening, but speaking from experience having applied for Qatar Airways f or eight times and being able to go through?
the whole process the last time that I applied all
I can say is most of the time. They will ask for a group
Setting or a group activity. I only try the one time that they ask to partner up and
Do something with a partner so here are my tips for you?
Number one make sure that you follow
Instructions very strictly when they say don't look at them during the activity don't
Look at them at all so many times. I failed in this round because I can't help it I always
Look at the other people in the room
And I wasn't and it's coming out as I'm not really interested in the activity i'm not
Present I'm not there my mind is somewhere else so they eliminate me almost all the time during this round so never never
Never and unfollow the instructions, just follow the instructions and also instructions like you have two minutes
to do this
Make sure that you do two minutes
Okay, so that's it the next tip I have for you is to speak up
Okay, some people when they speak too much
They get eliminated, but also when people don't speak at all they also get eliminated so speak up
How do you speak up just speak up the right way so the right way to speak up during the
group dynamics is wait for your turn of course and
When your turn is up acknowledge what the person before you has spoken about or whatever?
His idea is for example Thank You Marie. That was a great idea or that's awesome, Marie
Yeah, that is a really nice suggestion doing something like that before
You say your piece
It gives out this
impression that you acknowledge other people and you call them by their name that is the reason why you have this
Stickers with your name on in the registration process, so you make use of that the next thing is
give your give your
Suggestion or your contribution to the group give a solid one and after you have given your suggestion
Pass on the mic to the other person like for example
That is a great suggestion Marie should really take our
Guests to Cebu because it's a great place to be and in addition to your great suggestion is that we also take them to Boracay
it's one of the best place to go in the Philippines and
aside from the activities you will never get bored the beaches are amazing and
It is something that will never disappoint
Anybody's ever been in Boracay, so that's my suggestion how about you Anna? What do you think?
so you see this is the flow of speaking up you make sure that you take note of that and
Follow this through. You will make you will be able. I promise you you will be able to make it through
This round you will be able to make it through that group dynamics round. Okay. Just be spontaneous about it
Be friendly have the energy while you're doing it be happy while you're doing it
And you are also following instructions when you're doing it
There's no reason that they will not make you or invite you for the final interview
So if you guys find this video valuable to you the next best thing that you could do is
Download my book summary over at my website, so just visit missKaykrizz.com there will be
A free guide there, it's a 1 PDF
Downloadable form entitled 8 proven steps to get your dream job as a flight attendant
It basically summarizes this book that I am holding on right now
and it helps you prepare every aspect of your preparation for the flight attendant interview and
Yeah, and that is free so no worries all you have to do is give your email and don't worry
We will not be spamming your email. It will just it will just be me sending you
the free downloadable form as well as
Free hiring alerts in the Philippines if you are interested in my book as well you can check it out
It's available and amazon or in shopee and in my website as well
So I hope that you guys enjoy this video
I have a few more coming up so I will see you guys on the next one. See you again
Fly with you soon
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Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Interview| Group Dynamics Day 2 (Taglish)

237 Folder Collection
hsin641810 published on January 10, 2018
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