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*singing* Do do do do dum dum da dum dum dog drivin a car *singing continues*
*police sirens*
Ah, dammit...
Mornin' Brian
I'm afraid you ran a red light.
Your license, please.
Ugh, I swear Joe the light was still gray when I went through it.
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Mhm. Are you aware this is expired?

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Brian step out of the vehicle.
Woah woah what's going on?
Well the law's clear. I have to confiscate your license
and you're gonna have to walk home.
Can't you at least give me a ride?
No can do amigo.
Ugh. Alright, I guess I'll just call an Uber.
*Joe's phone buzzes*
Are you Brian?
Alright class, let's get started.
Stewie, what're you doing?
And why're you dressed like that?
Because I'm your driver's ed instructor, Brian.
You're what?
That's right!
I heard you lost your license
and I'm going to help you get it back.
Now, we've got a lot to cover
but first, let's watch a safety video
designed to terrorize you into being a responsible motorist.
C'mon kid with a bright future!
I'll give you a no seatbelt car ride after
this teen kegger party.
Oh, I don't know.
I'm going to Harvard-Yale tomorrow
I'd hate to lose it all because of making poor choices.
Ah c'mon man I just had a couple of alcohol-beers
...and I'm his girlfriend because he has
great genitals

and I'm impressed with reckless behavior
so I'm going to reward him with my mouth while he's driving!
Now let's smoke a marijuana cigarette
while I'm speeding because of a dare
Hey careful!
I'd hate for you to be unresponsive to my pleasuring
while you're driving because of intoxication!
Brian: Stewie, is this about anything
but oral stuff while you're driving?
Stewie: It's about all facets of driving safety, yes.
Brian: I'm gonna fast-forward.
What a waste.
I'm a grizzled seen-it-all veteran cop
and I'm shakin' my head at the senseless waste.
Sir, we've done our police tests.
The driver was being mouth-pleased at the moment of impact.
Alright Brian, let's begin.
Great, let's do it.
What the hell?!
Where are your hands, Brian?
Uh, on the steering wheel?!
10 and 2!
Alright, commence.
IPDE, Brian! IPDE!
Identify, predict, decide, execute.
You've got to constantly be IPDE-ing everything
in your target zone.
I don't- I don't know what you're saying!
IPDE! Identify, predict-
Yeah, you said that!
but it doesn't mean any-
IPDE that!
Uh, it's a child with a ball.
Very good. Identify.
Now, predict.
Predict what?
Yeah, you keep saying that like it's a word
those four letters don't make a word
it's not helping me remember anything.
Oh, now you've got an oncoming vehicle
pay attention to your 4 to 6 second zone.
What-what is that?
4 to 6 second-
IPDE the car Brian! IPDE the car!
What does that mean?!
Now check your gauges with one eye
while keeping your other eye on the road.
My eyes go in the same direction!
What's your tire pressure?
I- I don't know! I'm in the car!
Stop! Demerit!
Stewie, I know how to drive! I've been driving for years!
*car horn* Ever hear of IPDE jackass?!
So? How'd we do?
Did you pass your driver's test?
Uh, yeah. Yeah, I think so.
You brought up IPDE?
As a matter of fact, I did.
He was impressed...?
No, he had no idea what I was talking about.
He tried to Google it on his phone
and ended up spilling hot coffee on his balls.
I took him to the E.R.
and he said he'd pass me
if I picked him up in an hour.
So it did work!
Well, congratulations! You're getting your license back!
I know it's great!
Now I'll be able to go to those dog parties again.
*playful music*
*sad music*
Hey, Stewie, seriously thanks for everything you did
to help me get my license back.
My pleasure.
But now you owe me.
That means one day, I'm gonna
come to you and ask for a favor.
But I need to know something.
I need to know that you're going to say yes
when that day comes.
Can we go for ice cream??!!
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Family Guy - Brian loses his license

305 Folder Collection
Jin Wang published on January 10, 2018
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