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  • NARRATOR: Matt is using a pole that

  • has a small barb on the end to catch a problem crocodile.

  • If he can get a direct hit on the back of its neck,

  • the barb will sit just below the croc's thick leathery skin.

  • It doesn't harm the animal and allows him to guide

  • it out with a small rope.

  • If it lands anywhere else in the croc's body,

  • chances are it will pull out.

  • You got him.

  • Got him.

  • That wasn't a hard hit, eh?

  • So I could pull out.

  • Got a head rope ready?

  • Get me away from the weed.

  • Ah, it's gone.

  • Give me that pole again.

  • Go forward a bit, Jonsy, and I'll get down low.

  • Otherwise, we'll end up this boat going arse up.

  • We know that croc's in there.

  • Just had a bit of a hard time trying to work out where

  • because there's so many little bait fish in here, little

  • Tarpon just splashing up.

  • So just having a bit of a--

  • bit of a blind throw at the moment, hoping that I hit it.

  • Here, keep still.

  • Keep still.

  • [blast]

  • [screams]

  • Can you see my hand shaking a lot?

  • I can't even control that.

  • [laughs]

  • Things got quite serious there when that croc did launch

  • there, and it did grab the back of the boat

  • and nearly grabbed Willow.

  • I'm hating this, Jonah.

  • I don't normally hate it.

  • Just get us back over there where it's a bit shallower.

  • Watch him.

  • He could be right there, yeah.

  • You hear about some close calls over the years,

  • but I'm pretty sure that was less than a foot

  • away from Willow's leg, so that might be his closest one today.

  • Yeah, a little bit shaken after that, isn't he?

  • NARRATOR: With Willow now working from the bank,

  • Matt and Jonah still need to find this croc.

  • He's right there underneath us there.

  • Chuck us the rope.

  • Yeah.

  • All right, stop there.

  • You want me to hold that one?

  • Nope, not yet.

  • Show me there.

  • [splashes]

  • It's in his tail.

  • Let her up.

  • Get ready.

  • [splashes]

  • Yeah, Jonah.

  • I don't want him to go in there.

  • OK, Jonsy.

  • NARRATOR: Using the guide rope, Matt

  • needs to steer the croc into a spot

  • where Jonah can get a nose rope on him.

  • Jonah, he's going to come up.

  • He's blowing bubbles.

  • Come on [inaudible].

  • There he goes.

  • Go, go, go, go.

  • Good work Jonsy.

  • Good work.

  • Willow, jump on the end of this.

  • Jonah, let's see if we can pull him up a bit.

  • NARRATOR: The nose rope is much stronger

  • and will allow the boys to safely secure the jaws.

NARRATOR: Matt is using a pole that

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This Croc Really Rocks...the Boat | Monster Croc Wrangler

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