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NARRATOR: Matt is using a pole that
has a small barb on the end to catch a problem crocodile.
If he can get a direct hit on the back of its neck,
the barb will sit just below the croc's thick leathery skin.
It doesn't harm the animal and allows him to guide
it out with a small rope.
If it lands anywhere else in the croc's body,
chances are it will pull out.
You got him.
Got him.
That wasn't a hard hit, eh?
So I could pull out.
Got a head rope ready?
Get me away from the weed.
Ah, it's gone.
Give me that pole again.
Go forward a bit, Jonsy, and I'll get down low.
Otherwise, we'll end up this boat going arse up.
We know that croc's in there.
Just had a bit of a hard time trying to work out where
because there's so many little bait fish in here, little
Tarpon just splashing up.
So just having a bit of a--
bit of a blind throw at the moment, hoping that I hit it.
Here, keep still.
Keep still.
Can you see my hand shaking a lot?
I can't even control that.
Things got quite serious there when that croc did launch
there, and it did grab the back of the boat
and nearly grabbed Willow.
I'm hating this, Jonah.
I don't normally hate it.
Just get us back over there where it's a bit shallower.
Watch him.
He could be right there, yeah.
You hear about some close calls over the years,
but I'm pretty sure that was less than a foot
away from Willow's leg, so that might be his closest one today.
Yeah, a little bit shaken after that, isn't he?
NARRATOR: With Willow now working from the bank,
Matt and Jonah still need to find this croc.
He's right there underneath us there.
Chuck us the rope.
All right, stop there.
You want me to hold that one?
Nope, not yet.
Show me there.
It's in his tail.
Let her up.
Get ready.
Yeah, Jonah.
I don't want him to go in there.
OK, Jonsy.
NARRATOR: Using the guide rope, Matt
needs to steer the croc into a spot
where Jonah can get a nose rope on him.
Jonah, he's going to come up.
He's blowing bubbles.
Come on [inaudible].
There he goes.
Go, go, go, go.
Good work Jonsy.
Good work.
Willow, jump on the end of this.
Jonah, let's see if we can pull him up a bit.
NARRATOR: The nose rope is much stronger
and will allow the boys to safely secure the jaws.
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This Croc Really Rocks...the Boat | Monster Croc Wrangler

242 Folder Collection
Samuel published on January 10, 2018
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