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  • The preacher still isn't here.

  • Lord! The church is a cold place today. Please help us!

  • I have nothing to preach. Should one of you preach?

  • I'd be just misleading people.

  • Why don't we feel the work of the Holy Spirit?

  • I haven't felt the Holy Spirit working in me for quite a while.

  • I can't preach either.

  • Even the preacher has nothing to say. That's how starved we are for truth.

  • Why is there so much hunger in the church?

  • Why is the religious world so cold and desolate?

  • Does this mean the Lord has spewed us out?

  • What is God's purpose in causing the religious world to face famine?

  • There must be a divine mystery in this!

  • But also, it's because God has done a new work

  • and the work of the Holy Spirit has moved.

  • We haven't kept up with God's footsteps and we have fallen into darkness.

  • We believe the Lord has already forgiven us, forgiven us all of our sins.

  • The Lord doesn't see us as sinners.

  • Does the fact that God forgave us our sins mean we've truly been holy?

  • So, with man's sinful nature, how can he become someone who obeys God's will?

  • Any who suffer and work for the Lord are obeying the heavenly Father's will.

  • When the Lord comes, we'll be raptured to the kingdom of heaven!

  • That notion comes from man's imagination.

  • Suffering, works and sacrifice aren't the same as obeying God's will.

  • Those who don't obey God's will

  • have no way to receive the way of everlasting life.

  • If we accept Almighty God's work in the last days,

  • how should we seek to receive the way of everlasting life?

  • That's a very necessary question. It's what we most need to know.

  • We must accept Almighty God's work of judgment and chastisement,

  • and receive God's way of eternal life in the last days.

  • If you have testimony of Almighty God's judgment and chastisement,

  • we'll be convinced.

  • This is the first time we've heard testimony like this.

  • Yes, their testimony is very true! (Yes!)

  • We've had such testimony of experience.

  • It's the living water that flows from God's throne and this is our provision.

  • Almighty God can see everything in our hearts.

  • He reveals all the corruption which lurks in man's spirit.

  • We've thirsted for the provision of the living water that flows from the throne.

  • Today, Almighty God has blessed us

  • and freely bestowed His living water upon us,

  • let us receive this provision and supply of His life.

  • Glory be to Almighty God!

The preacher still isn't here.

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